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  1. Debating dropping money on sled components I don’t necessarily need, but curious about the Gen IV rack. Fee free to DM/text me if anyone out there may be selling one. thanks! (8o5) 32o-1845
  2. I can second this so-called "John Weekend." He tried to contact me about a Sushi Server and was saying very strange things, and was trying to get me to do Paypal Friends/Family Payment. I kept asking for photos and he kept telling me his phone was blind (?) and when he did send photos they were simply images of the few other used Sushi Servers on the Forum/online. He also was trying to get his friend, Tom Wills (who is an actual operator on here, and he confirmed to me that he never messaged me the things this imposter Tom Wills stated) to sell me something and had the same strange typing style and this so-called blind phone issue. Throughout all of this, I was very skeptical of his/their choice of words and typo's, and once John said that he'd preferred iTunes gift cards I knew this was nooo bueno. So yeah, be cautious of Mr. Weekend, and his potential false claims to be other people on the Forum.
  3. I know there are a couple topics out there that discuss this overall, however, I was trying to pinpoint any particular shoes or footwear people who often op in snow seem to prefer. Boots? Shoes? Snowshoeing shoes? Snowboard boots? Tennis rackets bongo'd to your kicks?? Discuss... Also, while we're at it, any tips/tricks you feel are pretty good life hacks while dealing with said conditions? Thanks!
  4. Anyone? I know these things are kinda rare..
  5. Intriguing, potentially interested, PM'd.
  6. Damian, not sure if it’s considered better, but definitely a cheaper alternative to having buy a superpost. I wanted one, and still slightly considering upgrading my post to one, but PRO purposely does not make them anymore cause that’s extra weight you have to tote around for most jobs which don’t require super low/high shots.
  7. Does anyone have one for sale? Tryna get looowwww...
  8. Anyone got one of these lil guys lyin’ around?
  9. That will do it. I remember when I first began operating the waist latches on my vest weren't tight enough. I could fit my hand easily up my vest from the back. Once I cinched that down a bit more (I like to have my waist straps pretty tight) the pain at the end of the day went away (or, at least subsided. all day steadi shoots you'll feel it for sure). I've had that problem with Easyrigs in the past––it can be hard to get them to fit properly (I have a narrow waist). I always feel a little bit of pain on my lower back when using them due to this problem. I like the Gimbal vest the best because you can ratchet it nice n' tightly I find.
  10. Price drop to $10,200. also, I can include the Cam Jam monitor spud and yoke base (but need the sides for my monitor. I’m not sure what monitor you may use so it’s best to just order them from Cam Jam anyways). Basically, you get everything you can see of the monitor in photo #1 in the case.
  11. Hello, So today I am selling my very dear-to-me PRO I sled, which has been modified (by Terry West, I believe) to be a very excellent and affordable sled for anyone who is looking to get into Steadicam and purchase their first "big rig" setup. This sled was used by me for 2+ years and by another Forum member. You can fly anything from REDs to 435's with this baby. I upgraded the gimbal to a PRO VZ with a short handle (previously owned by a renowned PRO tech, and previously previously by some former Industry big wigs), which has made a tremendous difference in performance. Here are the details: • GPI PRO I Telescoping Post (Only 1 Hill Gorelock Docking Ring is shown in photo, but should include 2x for high- and low-mode docking) • PRO I HD-Upgraded Electronics (HD-Converted) • PRO DB II Top Stage w/ Diving Board MDR Attachment • Extra screws/AKS • GPI PRO VZ Gimbal Grip w/ Short Handle • Custom Bottom Stage (12/24V Compatible) w/ 3x Gold Mount Battery Mounts • XCS Monitor Bracket/Rods w/ Cam-Jam 1.5" Spacers (MONITOR AND YOKE ARE NOT INCLUDED UNLESS DESIRED (we'll discuss) • Pelican 1615 Air Case (I may have extra cables, and a plate, however, just reach out to me and we'll see what we can work out. I have connections to a few different professional cable manufacturers if needed) Photos of the rig below, plus one of it in play. Looking to get somewhere in the realm of $10,500, but offer up. If interested please DM me, or reach out to me at lorenpaulhamilton@gmail.com or call/text (805) 320-1845 Thanks for looking!
  12. Hey, sorry not anymore. Now just looking for a PRO or XCS Sled, haha.
  13. Just curious, does the M2 top stage have Dtap ports as well?
  14. Intrigued in what ya got! Feel free to reach out and message me. Thanks!
  15. Hi, I’ve got one possibly for sale if you haven’t found one yet. DM me.
  16. I saw this sled on Terry’s work bench while he was putting it together. Bump for another PRO I sled mod!
  17. HD 6". That's just me, but I haven't felt a major need to use an 8", unless it's brighter. AND if it definitely doesn't have an internal horizon, then I'd stick with the 6". It's nicer because it's smaller and more nimble, and doesn't become so much of a sail in the wind.
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