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  1. Cool, looks like the reversed version of the OS Products Volt dock.
  2. If you're asking just to use this instead of trying to attach it to your steadi topstage plate, it absolutely will not work. These are super narrow and will only fit in a Trinity 2 DUB-3 or something narrow like that. Cinematic Precision makes one that is designed for a PRO top stage, and will fit in a Tiffen but does NOT have the safety stoppers for Tiffen.
  3. Today I am selling a lightly used Inovativ Axis stand. Designed for steadicam, or anything else in Inovativ’s multi-faceted Axis series. No wheels as of right now, unfortunately. $345, located in Los Angeles/Ventura area. (8o5) 32o-18four5. Thanks!
  4. I have a fully weather-kitted sled w/ Volt weather goodies from Rob Carlson and they’re great. I highly recommend. He also made some custom ones for an AC friend’s Hi-5/monitor setup, so let him know what you need.
  5. Playing around with the idea of these for something, please let me know if anyone has one/two/an OCU that they're looking to get rid of. Thanks
  6. Lookin for them, curious to see what's out there. Thanks! (8o5) 320-18four5
  7. I am looking for one of these for a back-up/potential replacement to my M1 (upgraded latches I believe?) Just seeing if anyone is selling one out here before I decide to buy one new. DM or for faster response, call/text (8o5) 32o-18four5 Thanks
  8. Hi, I’m selling a brand new ARRI SAM-7 plate for the Alexa 35 for GPI PRO/Artemis I. This plate is cool because it can drop directly into the top stage for lower profile if you’d like, and is a little longer than some other A35 plates I’ve seen. I’m selling because I accidentally ordered the wrong one and don’t need it. $265, or reach out at (805) 320-1845, or lorenpaulhamilton@gmail.com located in Los Angeles/Ventura thanks!
  9. Hello all, I am selling my beloved Arri UDM-1 from my AC days. I bought it from a former Forum member about 4-5 years ago and it was living at my rental house when transitioning to steadicam (however, from what I was told by everyone there was that it almost never went out on any jobs). I kept it in great shape and everything functions great on it. I don’t have my LCUBE listed, but if you are interested in that let me know. *Note: the UDM-PSC cable is missing in the photos, but will be supplied in the sale. Price: $4,700.00 Located in Los Angeles/Ventura, but can ship, buyer pays shipping please let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to reach out at (805) 320-1845 or email lorenpaulhamilton@gmail.com Thanks!!
  10. I will say, after a couple practice sessions with a few other operators who have Volts (but turned off), we have begun to get pretty used to operating above the gimbal. When I’m op’ing on a shoot with the Volt on I 99% am above the gimbal, but during these practice sesh’s I’ve gotten very comfortable to being above it when operating “traditionally.” Not saying everyone should do this, but after a while of using the Volt I did find this very interesting…
  11. I am selling this for a good DP friend and he would like to sell this ASAP. Please reach out to him primarily. Thanks! Selling my NODO Inertia Wheels Brushless 3-Axis Pro Kit. Purchased for a specific shoot and have not used them since. In perfect condition. Kit includes: Inertia Wheels 2-axis System Inertia Wheels Third Axis Wheel Interia Wheels 6in Third Axis Cable Interia Wheels 12ft Third Axis Cable Interia Wheels Accessory Bracket Interia Wheels Wireless Receiver Interia Wheels 130v Ac-dc Power Supply Cable Interia Wheels D-tap Power Cable Interia Wheels Xlr Power Cable Custom Foam Insert For Skb02011-8 Case Com Cable For Freefly Gimbals Connection Inertia Wheels To Dji Ronin 2 Cable Innertia Wheels 20ft Hardwire Cable Innertia Wheels 2.4ghz Tx Antenna Innertia Wheels 900mhz Tx Antenna Innertia Wheels 900mhz Rx Antenna Custom Case LINK FOR PHOTOS BELOW: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LwQ_MVyWfu04ss1nEoxBJIhc5RQXTVmS?usp=share_link looking to sell the kit for $6,400. (Kit was $7,700 new.) Local LA pickup preferred, but can ship. For questions, please email aiden@aidenulrich.com Thanks!
  12. My apologies if there’s already a post about this, but I’m very curious about how members here go about negotiating rates for features (of all Tiers). I feel pretty clear on LA’s industry standard commercial rates, however, when it comes to long-term features (not day-playing) what deals are you cutting with production? Is there a rule-of-thumb percentage of your normal commercial rate that you normally agree to? I’ve got a Tier 0-1 feature coming up as B Cam/Steadicam op and trying to decide what to pitch to production.
  13. …anyone got any? Good or bad, all are welcome, I guess.
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