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  1. Hello There! I'm looking to buy a GPI Pro DB-II Top Stage, Let me know if anyone has one. Thank You! Ryan
  2. or a DB- 1or 2 let me know what you have?!
  3. Or a DB 1 or 2, Let me know what else you have?!
  4. Hello there! I’m looking for a Betz top stage, let me know if you got one, thank you! Ryan.
  5. Hello there, looking for a Betz top stage , please let me know if you have one your looking to sell Much Appreciated! Ryan
  6. Hello I have Some MK-V v2 Electronics for sale; Includes Center post cable. Also I would like to buy some V3 or newer MK-V electronics. I'd possibly be interested in some GPI or other brand electronics as well. Please let me know if you have anything laying around, Interested in anything MK-V! Located in Los Angeles Thank You Ryan.
  7. Hello there! I'm in search of some MK-V v3 or newer electronics. Please let me know if you have any laying around! Im located in Los Angeles. Thank you! Also interested in other electronics options. let me know what you got. I just need to upgrade from my stinky grandpa SD lines to Whipper Snapper HD! Sled is MK-V. Thanks! Ryan P.S. Also interested in other MK-V/Steadicam in general parts, thank you.
  8. Hello There, I'm selling my first sled, its an ActionProducts ActionCam Raptor. Really great sled, but I've bought a new rig, and its time for her to go to a new operator. Asking $2500, includes whats seen in the pictures, aside from the stand. Key Point- The monitor is usable, but ultimatly broken, its a FeelWorld FW279S HighBright 2200nit with a smallrig cage around it. It's the most cost-effective monitor that's a highbright & has SDI ($339usd). I used it like that for sometime haha, not ideal but again you can frame up. There are photos of it included. Really its a great sled for its price range, great for an aspiring operator looking to fly heavier set-ups than say a zephyr or aero-30 could. Ive flowin the Alexa mini, mini LF, Amira, many RED ect. I'd like to keep it as a back-up sled, but bills must be paid! So go for it! $2500.
  9. Buying a Actioncam Raptor in 2019? I have an oppurtunity to buy a action cam raptor at a good price. (Sled, Arm, Vest) The rig seems really nice. Guy said he flew it for 4 yrs. Should I be concerned with too much use on the gimbal already? The company is no longer in operation anymore, part may be dificult to find...? Im also Considering a Zephyr, Am I better off going that route? This will be my first rig. Thanks Ryan
  10. Hello there, I want to buy a Zephyr sled, arm, vest package, Im Located in Los Angeles. Please Email me at rcmurphyfilm@gmail.com or PM me on the forum. Much Appreciated, Ryan Murphy
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