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  1. Hi everyone, This will be mostly addressed to uk people. I own a clipper 312 with LF vest and g50 arm. I bought the package from another person, therefore is second hand. How does the insurance work? Do I have to insure it for the price it was sold to me or for the actual value? And if so, how would I determine the value? My concern comes mainly from the fact that the items are discontinued now. Thanks
  2. Thanks a lot Tom! You made some things more clear to me. Really appreciated
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused about the payload. Is the payload of a steadicam related to the arm only, to the sled only or to both? Or is any sled capable of holding virtually any load? I mean, except for the size and the electronics, what is the difference between a sled and an other one in terms of payload capacity (between an archer 2, a shadow and a M1 for example)? I often just read the arm capacity and that you have to work out, based on it and the weight of the sled, the weight of the camera setup. Thanks
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