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  1. Hello! I'm fairly new to this forum. I'm a beginning focus puller currently working closely with a beginning steadicam-operator. We've been doing some shoots with a production company who owns a Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro. I use a Chrosziel Mag Fox (analog) wireless follow focus system and I'd like to start and stop the camera remotely. I've made my own cables for Arri cameras as that's the camera we work most with but now there are more and more shoots coming with the Ursa Mini that I'd like to remotely start/stop it as well. The Ursa Mini Pro uses the LANC-protocol also found on the Canon C-series cameras and lots of DSLR's. The Mag Fox's receiver uses pulses for the start/stop-signal and I'm afraid the LANC protocol won't recognize the Fox's signal. I'll attach some images of the pinout for both LANC and the FOX's signal. As you can see, to trigger a LANC-camera you have to short the shutter-pin with ground, effectively using 2 connecting wires. The Fox only uses 1 wire for the signal. Can this physically be done with just wires? Or will I have to come up with some kind of board to convert the Fox's signal to LANC? Any help would be lovely!
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