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  1. Hey ya'll, piecing together my first rig and just needing to find the last bits to it all, preferably used. Needing: Pro Gen IV Battery Rack AB Batteries w/ Charger Pro Donkey Box
  2. Hi all, putting it out that I'm currently in the market for a used Archer 2. Also looking for individual g50x arms and tiffen steadicam vests. This is all going towards to my first rig btw, so open to comparable suggestions.
  3. Hey everyone. First time posting; really appreciate all of the incredible insight and generosity amongst the members of this forum. Question; I'm seriously considering taking up steadicam operating, and was curious if I should be wary of branding myself as both a DP and an Operator. I've been told that if I pursue operating, I might be shooting myself in the foot if a DP I was working for knew I was shooting as well. Looking for success and horror stories to be honest.
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