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  1. A properly fitted vest and strict posture will get you further then you might think. Truly. That being said, cardio and core training will do wonders for your stamina.
  2. Ready to move up to a Pro Arm, wanted to put feelers out in the marketplace before placing a new order. Preference for LA local arms, not interested in International sale.
  3. About time I add a hardmount to my kit, would love to find an LA local one.
  4. Looking to upgrade cart systems. Would love to find an LA local second hand inovativ.
  5. Wanting to replace my older Tiffen Ultra Bright Monitor w/ something more modern, seeing if anyone has some of the older gen transvideo HD monitors around.
  6. BUMP. Artemis Arm Pkg Now $8000.00 Tiffen Ultra Pkg $6000.00 Together $13500.00 ALL OFFERS will be considered
  7. Selling an ARRI Artemis Carbon Fiber Spring Arm for a friend. The arm was purchased as a backup, and saw a majority of its use after it was lent to me (I'm a new Steadicam Operator, Hi) Fantastic spring arm, no creaks or pops (think 3A but with the added benefit of ARRI serviceability and mass produced replacement parts...oh and its carbon fiber and wicked light) Listed for $9000.00 + Shipping, but all serious offers will be considered, please email me at wlchristensen88@gmail.com. Approved offers will then be put in touch with the owner to square away payment details. This Sale includes the following: (1) ARRI Artemis Carbon Fiber Spring Arm 19kg Spring Set (1) 26kg Spring Set (1) 6" Tiffen -> Artemis Arm Post (1) 6" Artemis Arm Post (1) 10" Aremis Arm Post (1) ARRI soft transport bag As a sort of Pay it forward deal I'm also listing my Tiffen Ultra Sled, with this posting in case there are any other new ops that are looking for a budget big rig + arm. This sled has a lot of miles and personal character to it, but it flies true and has some decent quality of life improvements including 12/24v hicap up the post and HD-SDI. 3-Stage Super-post. Comes with all AKS included in pic + Tiffen Ultra Day Bright Monitor Price for the sled and arm together $14000 Preference to sell LA local
  8. hey everybody, needing to source a 3A arm in LA for purchase pretty quickly, been super lucky being able to borrow a friends arm while I'm just starting out but that deal is going away while at the same time I've already committed myself to a friends short film and a music video. Email me at wlchristensen88@gmail.com if you happen to be selling,
  9. Looking for a large socket block Tiffen vest, pref ultra 2, email me wlchristensen88@gmail.com if you’re selling
  10. Seeing if anyone is sitting on a backup tiffen sled they're trying to unload, preferably master series and up. Please Email me at wlchristensen88@gmail.com
  11. Hey ya'll, piecing together my first rig and just needing to find the last bits to it all, preferably used. Needing: Pro Gen IV Battery Rack AB Batteries w/ Charger Pro Donkey Box
  12. Hi all, putting it out that I'm currently in the market for a used Archer 2. Also looking for individual g50x arms and tiffen steadicam vests. This is all going towards to my first rig btw, so open to comparable suggestions.
  13. Hey everyone. First time posting; really appreciate all of the incredible insight and generosity amongst the members of this forum. Question; I'm seriously considering taking up steadicam operating, and was curious if I should be wary of branding myself as both a DP and an Operator. I've been told that if I pursue operating, I might be shooting myself in the foot if a DP I was working for knew I was shooting as well. Looking for success and horror stories to be honest.
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