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  1. Brian winikoff

    Steadicam Ultra 2 Full Kit For Sale

    Update: This kit is no longer available. Thank you.
  2. Hi, Dakota Pictures is selling a used Steadicam package, $30,000 OBO The Package includes: Ultra2 Sled with remote head + remote Transvideo monitor Ultra2 Vest G70x Arm Combo stand Gorelock Docking Bracket Misc Power cables, Bnc cables, Rods, Vest Straps, Top plates, Allen keys, Rain cover 6 IDX V-Lock Batteries + 4 Bank Charger 2 Large Hard Steadicam Cases + 1 Soft Vest Case + 1 Soft Arm Case Please contact Dakota Pictures at (818) 760-0099 for any questions or if you are interested Thank You