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  1. E4AACC6C-7F3E-4421-9C85-7E9B29E3156E.heic D839448E-039F-4370-AE7D-B547C9DF6D0A.heic 4CCE01EB-B63C-48E5-AF72-755590927550.heic CDE71ABB-1877-4501-A211-C6221B6BB564.heic
  2. I also have a Sachtler dutch head. $1100. cartoni/weaver underslung 3 axis fluid head. $3500. please email to Rick@rickdrapkin.com. or text (818)261-6977 Thank you
  3. I have the following for sale. Downsizing a bit. 8 ball 32" custom slider. Older model ,but still work perfect. Anodized blue.Custom size to fit thru doorways. comes with hard case and 2 mono pods $ 3500. Kenyon K8 gyro. older unit, but still works great. comes with case, AB mounting plate and Gyro post clamp for 1.5 posts. $. 1500. Truck storage mount for 1.5 posts. $ 750. Modern Grip shake spring mount. Mount a head on it to have a handheld look. Mitchell to Mitchell. $ 1000. Please email me Rick@rickdrapkin.com. or text me for pictures. (818)261-6977 Thanks Rick
  4. Im looking for a used Backstage Shot Saver Dolly. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know. Thanks, Rick. Drapkin. (818)261-6977
  5. Hi Brett,


      Is the ready rig still for sale? Please let me know. 



    Rick Drapkin.  (818)261-6977

  6. Hi Sandy,


     Do you have an asking price for your Trinity rig ? Thanks,


    Rick Drapkin

  7. Hi All, I'm looking for a Betz D Box. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks, Rick Drapkin
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