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  1. still available: Preston fix package $22,000. Yeager Jr Steadicam cart , with trough, work platform with rbq base, hill mag dock. $ 2500. Klassen vest $3000. Kenyon Gyro $1100 sale fell thru on Pro2 sled and batteries now $20,000
  2. Preston fiz package. HU3, 2 MDR2s, 5 Motors, 2 cinetape interface cables, tons of run, motor, and power cables.Single Channel Hand unit, digital micro force, Radioforce. $23,000. Yeager Jr steadicam cart, side trough, cleans bench platform with RBQ, Hill Magdock.$2500. Klassen Vest $3500. Kenyon gyro K-8 with post clamp and Anton Bauer mount. $ 1100. Complete Ronin2 package ( used 8 days ) with 6 batteries, lots of Cinemilled aks, Ready Rig GS. $9000. DJI Master Wheels 3 axis (used 8 days) perfect condition. $ 9000. 32" 8 ball slider $ 3100. Sachtler dutch head. $ 1200. ask for Rick. (818)261-6977 or rick@rickdrapkin.com
  3. I got it from an operator in Canada who had it made. If you have a inch and a half dock rings it should fit.
  4. New pricing...... Pro2 sled and aks, $17,500. Pro Titan Arm 8 canisters. $ $17,500. Rolling Stand sold. SOS plate sold.
  5. Parting out my complete Pro 2 steadicam package. Lots of parts..... Pro 2 Sled with new center post, new VZ gimbal and long handle, SD electronics, jumper blocks, DB2, 2 XCS plates, DP7 hi bright monitor, cam jam monitor bracket, power cables.nebtek solar 7 back up monitor with original Pro monitor arm, AB mount. Asking $ 18,000. Pro 2 super post barely used. Sd cable. Asking $1500. Pro Vest excellent condition. sized for someone 5'9" , 190 lbs. 33 inch waist. Adjustable . Asking. $ 3500. Pro Arm Excellent condition . 4 blue and 4 black canisters, 2 arm posts, Asking $ 18,500. Klassen back mount vest. regular mount, great condition . Asking $3500. Hill Garfield hard mount. excellent condition. . Asking $800. Betz Wave excellent condition with short plate and power cables for Pro and P tap, 4 brand new blue riser plates. Asking $6500. SOS Plate never used. . Asking $300, Switronic 150 watt AB batteries and 2 AB TWQ chargers. 10 batteries plenty of charge cycles left. Asking $ 2500. Moses pole collapsable . Asking 400. Paralinx Arrow -x HD wireless video. excellent condition, 1 sdi transmitter, 2 sdi receivers, ab mount, array long range antenna. asking $2500. Kenyon K-8 gyro. good condition older unit, power cables , post mount, AB mount. Asking $1300. Modulus 2000 sd transmitter. 2 transmitters and power cables. Asking. $1000. Modulus 3000 transmitter. 2 converts HD to sd signal. excellent condition. Asking $1000. CIT diversity receiver and antennas. excellent condition. Asking $500. Preston Package HU-3, 2 MDR2 receivers, Single channel hand unit, Digital micro force, radioforce(wireless zoom), 1 DM1X motor, 4 DM1 motors, tons of power cables, tons of batteries, 5 marked focus rings,5 blank focus rings, 5 single channel rings, multiple gears sizes, 3 Pam brackets. 3 3 motor arms Well used in excellent condition. Asking $25,000 Yeager Jr cart Great condition, 8 inch wheels, side trough, Clean's work platform with rbq, Hill GAD1. Asking $3000. lots more parts and cases too. Ask for Rick. (818)261-6977. or Rick@rickdrapkin.com
  6. This is your last chance to buy a world traveled Pro2 complete package. Pro 2 sled with new center post, new pro gimbal with vz grip, long handle, DB2 with SD electronics. Small HD DP7 hi bright monitor,Cam Jam extendable monitor bracket,, Neb tek Solar 7 hi bright back up monitor with old style pro monitor arm, Pro arm with 4 blue and 4 black canisters,Pro vest, Klassen back mount vest,super post,10 switronic core 150 watt batteries ,2 Anton Bauer twq 4 position fast chargers,Garfield hard mount, tons of cables, Betz wave w/4 blue riser plates(Tom Wills)rain cover, Moses pole,Kenyon K-8 gyro with post clamp and AB plate mount ,Paralinz Arrow-x hd 1x2 kit with array panel antenna, lots of low mode brackets Preston package with HU-3 (2) MDR2 ,5 Preston motors (1 DM1x,4DM1) Pam arms, misc gear sizes. 32,48,64 pitch. fuginon gears, canon gears, 2(2) cinetape interface cables (600 cable),tons of batteries and cables,radioforce with digital micro force,single channel Handset Yeager Jr equipment cart 8 inch wheels, trough, riser work platform with rbq. backstage rolling stand with battery trough and 8 inch wheels, one week left before I break it up. Im asking $75,000. for everything. Great deal for someone to be able to work on any type of project. Would like to sell as one package. Ask for Rick. (818)261-6977. or Rick@rickdrapkin.com
  7. I'm going to wait another couple weeks before I start to part out the package. Thank you everyone who has reached out for Ala cart parts.
  8. Selling my Pro 2 package that I have used all over the planet. There are so many bells and whistles that come with the complete package. Complete Pro 2 SD with superpost.for more info , please email me Rick@rickdrapkin.com Looking to get $75000. for everything including a Preston package with1 HU3,. 2 MDR2, 5 motors, single channel hand unit, radio force.almost a double package
  9. After 22 years, its time to sell my world traveled workhorse. I have a very complete Pro 2 package with tons of stuff . Pro arm with 4 blue,4 black canisters ,Pro vest, Klassen backbone vest,preston package with 2 mdr 2, 5 motors, Betz wave. Way too much stuff to list everything. If interested, please reach out. (818)261-6977. or email. Rick@rickdrapkin.com. At this point I will give someone an awesome deal if you take everything. Not in a rush to sell.Some pictures to come . You will be able to work on any level of production with this kit which is in excellent shape. Thank you, Rick. Drapkin
  10. After many years of flying a rig, its time for me to find a new home for my world traveled workhorse. I am selling my Pro 2 package that have owned for 22 years. There is so much gear that I have accumulated over the years. This is a very complete set up. Great for someone who needs everything and is in excellent condition. Pro 2 Sled,Pro 2 Vest, Pro arm with 8 canisters . SD system.Superpost, Small HD DP7 hi bright monitor with cam jam monitor bracket, new centerpost, new vz gimbal, 3 jumper blocks, tons of power cables, Betz wave with riser plates, hill Garfield mount, Nebtek solar 7 back up monitor with pro monitor mount, 10 switronics 150 watt batteries and 2 two 4 bank fast chargers rain cover Moses pole, Yeager Jr. equipment cart with troph and riser mount, Klassen back mount vest. Kenyon K-8 gyro with post and stage mount. Pictures coming.., would like to sell as one big package. You can text me (818)261-6977. or email Rick@rickdrapkin.com Thank you, Rick
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