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  1. Hey! Quick question for y’all. Is it all possible to dovetail mount an ARRI CBP1 or 2 to the Archer 2? Thanks for your time!
  2. Hey guys, I’m currently looking into getting a low mode monitor for my archer 2 with the Volt. I’m just not sure what to get to rig the monitor to the top stage, what kind of bracket is usually used for that purpose? Regarding the monitor itself, I’m hesitating between the SmallHD 503 or the 5” Blackmagic Video Assist 12G. So what bracket would you guys recommend?
  3. Can you share those pictures here? I'd be curious to see.
  4. Yeah I replaced it. It actually was a rotating shaft more than a bolt per say. It’s working fine now!
  5. Yes I'm currently looking to upgrade the rig. I was thinking an Archer 2 used might be reasonable for my needs and my budget.
  6. I know ideally I should be changing the whole rig altogether, but would it be viable to just change the gimbal and keep on putting around 30lbs? Also which gimbal would you recommend for nothing more than 30lbs?
  7. And also if I was to change the gimbal, which one would you recommend for a Zephyr?
  8. Would it be too risky in your opinion to just keep the same setup but to change the screw holding the gimbal yoke every year?
  9. Basically the screw holding the gimbal handle to the yoke just snapped. Fortunately I had one of my hand on the post and the rig was in low mode so only two connectors broke of the Odyssey 7Q I had rigged on top of the camera. The rig is not acting differently when I overload it a bit, from what I noticed. And yeah that's a question I also have about increasing the payload capacity by changing the gimbal. Because I have a feeling that the arm of the Zephyr (which is the same as the Aero30, I think) is capable of holding more like 30lbs and that the weakness of the Zephyr (I don't know about the Aero, cause it's not the same gimbal!) resides more in its gimbal. But that's just my observation from the 2 short years I've been doing steadicam. I'd really appreciate if we could have some sort of feedback from a more experienced operator. I wrote to Joe Wilbur at steadicam, still waiting on a reply. I'll share it here when I do get it if you want!
  10. Hi! I'm wondering if I should upgrade the gimbal on my Zephyr. It just broke, and I was wondering if it was a good idea to upgrade to a more robust one? I often go heavier than the 23lbs recommended max payload (which is probably why the gimbal broke recently after more or less 5 years, I'm the second owner, so I'm not sure). I was also thinking about maybe keeping the original gimbal but to change the screw that holds the gimbal yearly in order to prevent it to break. What do you guys think ?
  11. Hi guys! Did this ever happen to one of you? I was operating in low mode with my Zephyr and I was feeling that there was a slight resistance in my tilt and then all of a sudden boom!, the screw holding the gimbal handle just snapped. Fortunately, the camera only fell from a 1 foot height, so I reported only 2 broken BNC connectors on the Odyssey 7Q that was rigged on top of the camera. My camera setup wasn't so heavy, definitely not higher than the mandatory 23lbs. Any ideas as to why that happened ? And yes I already wrote to Tiffen, still waiting on their reply.
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