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  1. Always wear full blacks...so you blend with as much of the background and can stay hidden in the shadows as much as possible. That screaming white t shirt makes you stand out and more easily seen by other cameras which is a big no no.
  2. -XCS Ulitmate 2 Sled with SMPTE upgrade ($1500USD performed by Greg Bubb) Sled also wired to accommodate full broadcast build with 2pin lemo tally pass-thru on top stage and LEH. 19" to 32" 2" post length 2x HDSDI video lines 1x Analogue video input which outputs to 8pin power/video, BNC, and 4pin lemo 12V/video on the LEH (lower housing) -XCS Monitor Bracket -XCS Sliding LT dovetail plate -XCS Spare bits kit Including gimbal tool, screws, Kipps, and LEH balance adjustment rods. -Transvideo Cinemonitor HD6 with 8pin power cable -CamJam monitor bracket/Yolk -2pin XCS to 4pin female XLR camera power cable -Silver Anvil Case $16000.00 USD Buyer Pays Shipping OPTIONAL Broadcast kit: G-zoom zoom/focus unit with Fuji adapter. Stanton Focus Motor kit 2x BFD units to power Stanton Motor including Xcs to BFD cable. 2x analogue return monitors 1x 5"SDI return monitor with bracket 1x 7" SDI return monitor or also can be used as a Prompter Monitor Broadcast Kit: Add $1500.00 USD Kit is located in Toronto, Canada IMG_7110.heic IMG_7111.heic IMG_7112.heic IMG_7113.heic IMG_7115.heic IMG_7116.heic IMG_7118.heic IMG_7119.heic IMG_7120.heic IMG_7121.heic IMG_7123.heic IMG_7126.heic IMG_7127 2.heic IMG_7128.heic IMG_7131 2.heic IMG_7132.heic IMG_7133 2.heic IMG_7137.heic IMG_7138.heic IMG_7139.heic IMG_7140.heic IMG_7141.heic IMG_7142.heic IMG_7143.heic IMG_7144.heic IMG_7145.heic IMG_7146.heic IMG_7147.heic IMG_7148.heic IMG_7149.heic IMG_7151.heic IMG_7153.heic IMG_7154.heic IMG_7155.heic IMG_7156 2.heic IMG_7157 2.heic IMG_7159.heic IMG_7164.heic IMG_7109.heic IMG_7107.heic IMG_7106.heic IMG_7105.heic IMG_7104.heic IMG_7102.heic IMG_7100.heic IMG_7099.heic
  3. Rare and awesome collapsable “Murphy” steadicam cart. Small footprint. Very Sturdy. Breaks down and has a lid for storage/shipping. Prefer local LA pickup. $1500.00 USD cash. If interested please email: trieb@me.com
  4. I would recommend the X1 arm over the Tiffen arm. I personally know a few operators who's G series arms have popped on set and been rendered useless. The quality of components and the assembly of the Tiffen arms done overseas has lead to some issues. I know some top operators who've been using the X1 for a little while now and are all very happy. I demoed one the other day and it was great. Also light and slim profile. Having said that I'm still a Pro arm user and won't be giving that up.
  5. Most Operators in North America use either a Stanton zoom/focus unit, or a Gzoom. Pros and cons to both. Whichever you choose, it's best to get 2 of the same units in case you have failure on set.
  6. I receive replies from John Battiloro who's their USA rep when I ask questions about their 2" volt gimbal. Maybe reach out to him on FB messenger, that's how I've been communicating with him. As far as I know MKV only reopened 3weeks ago.
  7. I've never flown a Betz or a DBIII. What I find interesting are the different opinions on how "solid" different ops describe the Betz. Some say it's super solid, and zero vibration, while others describe it as the opposite. If some operators are experiencing vibration what advice would you give to troubleshoot it?
  8. This is pretty awesome. Love the execution. Just curious...what if your wave stops working and needs service? Do you have another top stage to swap into the mix?
  9. Hi! I would stay away from these lower end products. It will cause you frustration and you'll want to get rid of it quickly. Best to stick to the main brands, even if they are older units that can be serviced/upgraded by the same manufactures who are still in business today.
  10. I think most of us insure the gear for full replacement value, whether it's used gear or new. If your kit gets stolen or damaged you will want to be able to order new components as fast as possible to keep working.
  11. I owned a Master Sled, and still own the arm as backup. The arm is decent. The reality you must face, and be honest with yourself about, is are you prepared to put a lot of work and money into upgrading the sled? I've seen some nice looking upgrades that pretty much re-do the entire sled, but at that point are you really saving much money compared to getting into a lightly used PRO sled for example? The Master is not modular. Top stage has way too much potential to come loose and cause all sorts of problems. It was a good gimbal but if it needs service you can't simply remove it from the sled. I realize many are trying to get into the steadicam craft on a ridiculously low budget compared to investing in top gear brand new and creating a relationship with the manufacturer....but personally...I'd recommend staying away from all these older CP/Tiffen products as your primary sled. You WILL have headaches.
  12. Haha Mr Fowler! I consider the XCS Ultimate 2HD (and soon the Ultimate 3) to be the RR, despite the masses adopting the Volt on their Tiffen and Pro sleds.
  13. Any updates to share about this twitching? I demo’d the Volt at Cinegear again. The Tiffen rep mentioned this might happen if the side to side adjustment on the top stage was off a little. Any feedback about this comment? Also there were comments about the Volt box, if it’s not mounted properly with zero vibration possibilities it can also affect the performance consistency.
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