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  1. this has been a real interesting thread for us. Have a 1st gen flyer to use for lightweight... since digital world no cameras up with 24V for quite a while so decided to rewire to P tap multi. one battery to the lower end multi output and monitor to enable trans etc at lower end and one battery to upper box kept t pin lemo and built wire to multi p tap for camera/focus/trans etc power at upper box. So far works good. TJsr
  2. My suggested access questions more needed!!! What is the first name of the person who invented the Garfield mount which allow the Steadicam arm to mount to a Mitchell base? Who is the head of Professional Steadicam Sales for Tiffen What is the most important difference between the CP model II Vest and the CP model III Vest? Who wrote the Tome: A guide to Etiquette? In What film does the longest Steadicam move ever made appear? I suggest the site be modified with many additional questions with a minimum to be answered before a person can view the site and a higher number before they can post!!!
  3. Suggested NEW questions: 1. What is the first name of the person who invented the Garfield mount which enables the Steadicam arm to be mounted on a Mitchell top 2. What is the name of the person who invented the Steadicam alien? 3. Who wrote the well known tome, A Manual of Steadicam Etiquette? 4. Who is head of Professional Steadicam sales for the Tiffen corp? 5. What is the most important difference between the model II and model III Steadicam vests? 6. Which is the brightest Steadicam monitor ever manufactured? 7. What film contains the longest single steadicam move?t Needed more submissions to the new Steadicam forum secret access questions.... Let's change the forum so only those who can answer at least say 6 questions can view the forum and at least 10 to be eligible to post.
  4. Good idea to put a bit of foam adhesive wrap on the handle/post as it will steal the warmth from your fingertips much slower than the bare aluminum.
  5. Every bit as cool as the LEGO Steadicam seen at NAB etc a couple of years ago!!!!
  6. Yes $3500 per week for my new corvette steadi wings rig. Made from the steering wheel of a 1957 Corvette, and capable of the new Duntov move. No it is still not perfectly steadi but now we can stabilize in post so it is under the complete control of the producer. Hahhh expensive Steadicam rig owners, now Steadicam goes the way of the diffusion filter.....
  7. What Bassoooon doesn't make a segway to go with that??????
  8. Its strange that the director will hold up his hands in the classic makeaframe way and show the framing for a dolly or hand held shot then walk the path for a Steadi shot while mimicing the posture of the operator with one hand held out gripping something vertical.... of course no idea what this means in terms of the frame???? I guess assume that the camera is straight forward or back or the direction of his eyes or....... I have been tempted to get a little hand held steadi and a dv minicam for them to use....
  9. Sometimes I think the most important thing when other people have tension misunderstanding mis-communication etc between them is to keep yourself out of the middle emotionally .... Don't let their tension affect your operating.
  10. Looking for a small SD video recorder for steadicam etc.... has anyone used one of these? http://www.svat.com/productDisplay.php?id=...r=2&tabID=6
  11. Maybe the fates are trying to get you to learn to ice skate? there are also some little cable things for the bottom of your shoes so you could run but not as above unless due for new rig.....
  12. or maybe this... http://www.rearviewcamera.net/crv/crviis.d...t=ANT-WP35-1500 for those pedestals up that take the lcd out of the lne of site to the eye glue a FEW EXTRA ON?????
  13. Of course the fan will have to be on and a lot of dialog will have to be looped...or alternatively in minute 89...... a voice from the back..... That was no good for sound??????
  14. Be sure to check out Irwins links there are a lot of mfg not being talked about on this thread.... buying expensive toy... dont just go to the ford store.....
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