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  1. Looking for Tripodlokplate by Betz-Tools or Shoulder Mount by Betz-Tools. miroslavdim80@gmail.com regards Miro
  2. I've bought one. Thank you very much! Regards Miro
  3. Looking for a Glidecam v-25 Arm. If modified for Steadicam socket even better... email: miroslavdim80@gmail.com Thanks. Regards Miro
  4. Thanks Chris. :) You've saved me. Greatly appreciated. I'll fix this issue, because as it turns out cutting the springs messes with the arm response and its ability to absorb bumps. Thanks. Best Regards Miro
  5. Thanks alot Chris. I appreciate the quick response. Could you please make photos like this one so I can see the springs end to end? Thanks. Best regards Miro
  6. Hi Guys, I've been using a Steadicam Pilot for a couple of years now. I've bought it from a guy who had modified the arm springs. I would like to restore the normal spring length, but I don't know how many coils he actually cut. I would like to ask a fellow Pilot owner to post a couple of photos of the arm in a position that the springs are visible so I could count the coils of each section. Thanks. Best Regards Miro
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