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  1. $1,350 plus shipping. Located in San Diego, CA. Excellent Steadicam monitor. Very good condition. Many inputs (SDI x2, HDMI, composite, VGA) and tools (Exposure, PIP, side by side dual input, etc). Gold mount. 8 pin to 8 pin CineLive to Boland cable and D-Tap (P-Tap) to TA4F Mini XLR included. AC power supply and desk stand too. US sale please. $1350 plus shipping. Less bradolander@hotmail.com
  2. It was about $5400. Looking at old emails, I paid a $2500 deposit then another $3200 just before it shipped. Some of that would be CA sales tax.
  3. For sale. Very good condition. $2350. http://www.ebay.com/itm/132254908116?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Also, I have a Cinetronic yoke available. Thanks. Brad Olander
  4. The Atomos Connects have a "Pull Down Removal" function, which seems to solve most of the Sony to Cinetronics problems. And they're pretty cheap now ($150 on B&H). The SDI>HDMI at the bottom of the sled, into the Cinetronics, has worked well and your still looking at an HD image. The HDMI>SDI version might be better for mounting on the camera. I have both versions as problem solvers. Alan Rencher made me a P-tap to FS700 (Sony NP type) cable that works well to power the Connect.
  5. SOLD Two blue canisters for sale. Bought with Atlas arm. Used once in two years. Mint condition. $2550 or best offer.
  6. "3.9lbs is a good monitor weight" I would prefer half that weight, and the ability to add a battery to the back of the monitor. With two batteries on the CineLive, one is often under the post and one is off the back.
  7. I haven't had noticeable sharpness issues. I would be aware that the camera shoots 240fps in 8 or 9 second bursts. So, getting to the record button while on the Steadicam is something to work out. You can set an "end trigger" which can be very helpful if you can't time your action. Good luck.
  8. For me, the Stanton blocked too much of the screen. I have the Libec, but it doesn't feather well. My old J7 works better. I am currently a fan of the G-Zoom, and Erik has been very helpful. (I also like his headset for live work.) Good luck, Brad Olander
  9. The Sony F3 does have the needed output options in the "Video Set" menu:
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