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  1. $20,500 Includes: Preston Remote Focus System HU3 handset with MDR2 Single channel All blue dot Micro force digital 2 Sony smart charger with 10 batteries All cables included Digital Motors: 2xDM2, 1xDM1 Pelican Case Immaculate condition, gently-used. Pictures https://ibb.co/NZ2zFdF https://ibb.co/fNpk7x0 https://ibb.co/C55m4JQ https://ibb.co/pbHLYDh https://ibb.co/B6bTDRc https://ibb.co/mcqDJLm https://ibb.co/r27r5SR https://ibb.co/x3b0RGz https://ibb.co/0jFRnm2 https://ibb.co/F7sqdTx https://ibb.co/JF5VQ97 https://ibb.co/74szHTy https://ibb.co/gvnqwts https://ibb.co/2sVDDWx https://ibb.co/FVjJZ54 https://ibb.co/Sn56FfG Contact satrazemis@gmail.com for more details
  2. excellent condition lightly used $5,600 Pictures https://ibb.co/G2LcLH3 https://ibb.co/BT3zp97 https://ibb.co/1qMJ3tY https://ibb.co/vXYT5Zt https://ibb.co/sC4wbtz https://ibb.co/30w1D8q https://ibb.co/kHF1QgL https://ibb.co/L8xDXP5 https://ibb.co/NCnwhF4 https://ibb.co/RBhd0HQ Contact for details satrazemis@gmail.com
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