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  1. Jerry and Alec I just realized I didnt reply to your comments. Thanks a lot for the input, it means a lot coming from 2 legends like yourselves!
  2. Hey Anthony, thanks for your reply! Yes...for me it was the same situation: my slow push-ins work better as regular, but after trying several times, its hard for me to re-wire myself to operate with the camera on my left...it's just unnatural for me...the feeling, moving around, positioning myself in the space, etc. So im sticking to goofy! (for now)
  3. Hello people, how are you?? I was curious to know if anyone has switched from goofy to regular o viceversa...When I pictured myself operating steadicam, before owning one, I would always see myself operating goofy...specially because I thought I would have more control with my right hand, since Im right handed and footed. So when I did my workshop and started operating (and then got my own rig) I have always operated goofy...And it makes sense to have the camera on my right... If I use a skateboard or similar, I do it with my right foot in front BUT, during this 2020 quarentine, I
  4. Hey Thomas! How are you? Would you ship the rainbow monitor to Mexico City? Thanks, Nico.

  5. Sorry to jump in...but Mike, if you dont sell to Jamie, could you send me info/sizes/photos of your vest? Thanks! nicolasgril@gmail.com
  6. I have a similar vest that I use...it is a Cinema Products vest, indeed. Mine is slightly different tho
  7. I´ve had the same dilemma and recently made up my mind... I have always love operating camera more than anything else, to be honest...and in my mind, coming from film school I thought the only way to operate camera, was to be a DP. And that could be true depending on the market, like Lisa says... But the more I worked, the more I realised that it was possible to pursue a career as a Camera Operator (always from the point of view of someone who is NOT in the states or in any union, sadly) It is my biggest desire to establish Camera Operating as an independent rol from the DP/Cinematograp
  8. Im looking to buy a PRO GIMBAL TOOL if anyone has one. Im in Mexico, can pay shipping to here. Thanks!
  9. Hi! This is my first post here. I am looking to buy a rig and need it in Mexico. I'd prefer someone local to avoid customs, but if you have sold internationally, I could consider it. Ideally it would be a GPI Pro, a Shadow V, M1, or similar...but I am open to consider any other rig available. I need the full package, sled, gimbal, arm, vest, monitor, cables, etc. Thanks in advance! Nico. EDIT: I will be using it for feature/TV show type of work mostly. Think of an Alexa Mini, medium-sized prime or small zoom, FIZ, Teradek, Cinetape, starlite monitor or EVF maybe
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