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  1. Hi folk, I'm currently centering my gimbal after a good cleaning and I keep running into an issue where I can get the front/back adjustment correctly dialed in but when I do the 180 test it wants to roll camera stage to the handle. When I do 90 degrees it wants to tilt the same direction. Anyone have any advice on getting that axis dialed in? Thanks!
  2. Unfortunately it is time to part with my ZeeGee. It’s a fantastic tool but I got a bit too ahead of myself with it and could use the cash in other places in life. I used it on 3 jobs and purchased back in October of last year; it is virtually brand new with 1 minor scuff area. Asking: $5,500 + shipping (unless local to Atlanta; I’m happy to bring it to you)
  3. I'm selling the old trusted Zephyr rig. I purchased it back in 2021 and it was serviced in 2021 as well. It is a great entry level rig but since upgrading to a PRO I no longer need the Zephyr. The kit includes the following: Sled: Tiffen Zephyr Sled 2nd Battery Mount 7" Marshal Monitor Custom 3D Printed Monitor Yoke (Designed and printed by Chris Fenner) 2" Gimbal Grip Cover (Skymagic) Arri 3-pin Power Cable Bottom Counter Weights Arm: A-30 Zephyr Arm (28lbs Payload) 12" Post Upgraded Large Socket Block Adapter (WK style custom made) Rain/Dust Covers Vest: Zephyr Vest Additional Vest straps Asking $8,800 OBO; based out of Atlanta, GA and can ship at buyers expense - More photos to come but attached are photos of the rig as is!
  4. Hi guys, I have this 1.5" center post for sale. It is a a 1.5" Steadyrig post, the cable is from David Hable and the tips are from PRO. I was told it works with the CineLive set up. Extends from 19" to 31". I purchased last year from Hugo Longtin for $1,900 and has since sat in my office collecting dust. I was going to keep it as a back up as needed but I don't think that will be the case. Asking $1,750 OBO. Located in Atlanta, GA - buyer pays shipping if not local. Thanks! James
  5. Selling my padded docking bracket with 5/8” studs. It’s in good condition, minor cosmetic wear. Looking for $700 obo; buyer pays shipping! email: james@hometowncrew.com
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