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  1. Hi Afton! I know this post is over a decade old, but do you have any of those boxes still available? I have a Master Sled with the same slide in / thumb screw top stage you mentioned. I would LOVE to upgrade the top stage. If you still have one of those boxes, let me know what you might charge for it. justin.woo@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. There were actually two attendees at the SOA workshop in Exton I just went to who were from the Detroit area. Email me and I'll see about putting you all in touch. justin.woo@gmail.com
  3. Definitely hit up the SOA Workshop in LA. The community you join when you go to that workshop is awesome. I just did the one in PA and I loved it. It's pricey but absolutely worth it.
  4. I've considered doing this with my Ronin S and my Master Sled. Can you link the universal mount that lets you power the Ronin without the battery handle?
  5. Yeah I hate that monitor bracket. It's painfully godawful and I can't wait to change it. Thanks for the info! Also, I'd love to see a picture of your modified sled!!
  6. Hey folks! I just picked up a Steadicam Master sled / vest / arm package and I'm already seeing / feeling a lot of the limitations to the sled itself. I don't like the lack of HD, the monitor mount is permanently loose, and the proprietary batteries will probably prove to be a headache in the future as well. So I'm looking into modifying the sled. Cramped Attic quoted me about $2500 for the battery and HDSDI upgrades, and recommended that I handle the monitor bracket locally. However, I'd like to shop around so I fully know my options. I know Mk V has Master sled upgrades, and I'm looking into that. However, they're in the UK, and I'd like to avoid incurring those kinds of shipping fees. I wanted to tap the community and see if anyone else knew places (preferably local to NYC, but not necessarily) where I could get mods done on my Master Sled. Any input and leads would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I just picked up a Master Sled from a working guy who was moving from NYC to Europe. It's weighty as hell for sure. I've practiced with Aero30s and they feel like a refreshing summer breeze in comparison to the monster Master sled. I'm looking into getting the HDSDI mod as well.
  8. Thanks for this info! I was wondering about the exact same thing!
  9. @Lisa Sene Can you tell me a bit about the Tiffen Bronze Workshop? I'm considering doing the New York one, but I'm also considering skipping it and going right to the SOA Workshop in Exton. I'm reading the Steadicam Operator's Handbook and loving it but I don't have a rig yet.
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