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  1. Hi guys! My name is Roberto Lelli and I’m new here. I’m a 45 years old designer of plastic production machineries and I live in north Italy near Milan. Making videos is one of my hobbies, so I decided to share my last one with you. It’s my (hot..) personal tribute to James Brown and I recorded it using a CANON XA-30 mounted on a self made steadycam system that includes a Basson Bumblebee PRO4 (arm + vest)and a DJI RONIN M. I’m the only operator and this system also includes zoom or focus (not both) control and the thumb controller for the RONIN. There’s also a little 5” VILTROX monitor to control while shooting. This system can also support a CANON C200 with a 24/105 lens, but not heavier cameras. I’d really like to know what you think about it. This is the 8th take but now I can't shot again because the girl had to go outside Italy for weeks, so I decided to keep this one as the final one. Of course there are mistakes but this is basically an experiment made with my prototype. I have to practice a lot with this equipement. My personal philosophy is to practice while working on the video and not to practice alone at home so this is the real 8th time that I used this stuff. This "little" long take is shot with natural light because I wanted it “raw” like a James Brown’s funky. So I only corrected contrast, brightness and some color grading. This month I’m going to make more videos using others systems that I’m developing by myself. https://youtu.be/GA88EoF72dM Thank you and a great CIAO from Italy Roberto
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