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  1. Hi Mathias, congratulations! When it comes to rigs, arms, vests, etc. it’s going to be very subjective. We all have individual preferences which is why there are so many choices. The one thing that is often said here, is to try as many different things as you can before you buy. That way you’re making purchases that suit you and your body. For me personally, I favor the pro titan arm and the klassen vest. My sled is a hybrid Pro Cinema HD top and bottom and XCS in the middle. It’s a configuration that works for me. As far as things to avoid, that’s a little easier and I think you’ll find a more uniform voice. Anything Came-TV, Laing (spell check) or a cheap knockoff should be avoided.
  2. Thank you Richard! I had a feeling I wasn’t right about that.
  3. I don't know how many exist anymore, but Pro (I believe) made a "landing pad" for the gen 2 battery hanger. It mounted around the angled battery allowing the sled to safely sit on the ground. I believe it could be modified to hold a weight without obstructing the battery. Someone else here who's been around longer might still have one or know someone who does as well as confirm or deny my statement. Alternatively, Greg Bubb (XCS Inc) and Alan Rencher (Rencher Industries), both make a gold mount plate that you could then screw or mount weights to. This assumes that you're not using one of the battery plates. The only other thing that comes to mind is having someone make you a couple small plates that are drilled and tapped for little dive weights that you can mount onto the sides of the lower electronics (I believe the lower electronics have mounting points for accessories on either side). That keeps the weight centered at the post and you can add them equally on either side to get the desired additional weight.
  4. My go to sites are mouser.com and digikey.com. Generally if one doesn't have something in stock, the other does. Shipping is quite quick on both.
  5. Hi Patrick, Camadeus is the North American distributor. Tomas Crescenzo is a good person to reach out to. thomas.crescenzo@camadeus.com Cheers, Maxwel
  6. Hope everyone on the forum is safe and healthy and doing well. If not, send me a message. Let’s talk. I’m no psychiatrist, but I’m happy to give an ear. All the best, Maxwel
  7. Sounds like your grip might be too tight when tilting, your pinky is your best friend when tilting. Really get your pinky behind the center of the post to tilt up and around front for tilting down. Remember our grip always changes. Also, when tilting back up, you can let gravity help you as your rig seeks to be vertical (this depends on your drop time). Just my two cents.
  8. Hey Gabe, You can lock the Wave. There is a single locking pin that is used to lock and unlock the wave during transport and operating. Personally I'd say the biggest difference is that the Wave is a single axis "stabilizer" where the Volt is a three axis motorized assist. Also, the Wave mounts to the top stage and the Volt is at the gimbal. Both require finesse in operating. The Wave, if not properly balanced, can get away from you and won't make your shots any easier (there is a video from Betz that explains how to get the camera's center of gravity set within the Wave, separate from the center of gravity on the sled itself). You also operate as you would with any "analogue" gimbal. The Volt has resistance controls that you can adjust which gives you more all around assist and freedom in your operating, still requires finesse, but is more forgiving. Since the Volt is balanced and generally operated in neutral, it will make those big roll moves you're talking about easier to achieve, especially with some of the electronic assist it provides in the motors. The Wave has no drop time requirements, it's solely based on the operators preference. Hope this helps.
  9. Still available to anyone interested. XCS 1.5" Sleeve - $450 obo Lemo FGG 3B 308 Center post cable - $250 obo Pro Gen 1 lower electronics rain cover - Just take it! Please! Images attached. IMG_5447.HEIC IMG_5449.HEIC IMG_5450.HEIC IMG_5451.HEIC IMG_5452.HEIC IMG_5453.HEIC
  10. I know they’re highly sought after, and go almost immediately after being posted so I’m hope to get ahead by saying here that I’m looking to buy a Betz Wave second hand or third hand, before entertaining the idea of going brand new. If anyone has one they are considering selling, please let me know. Cheers, Maxwel
  11. Just chiming in here because it hasn't been mentioned in this thread specifically, but over on the steadicam FB group, I believe Ron Baldwin originally (and now others) swapped the Tiffen pan bearing in the volt for a Pro bearing as they are the same dimensions and those who came from a Pro gimbal found the Tiffen bearing to be abysmal. There is a big discussion in this thread - https://www.facebook.com/groups/thesteadicamgroup/posts/10157578206271629 Edit: I have an XCS gimbal so I have no personal experience with this, just trying to help spread some good knowledge about a well discussed inquiry.
  12. Consider trimming your headroom for going down the stairs and whether you're leading or following down the stairs, trim accordingly. That way you don't have to hold the tilt, the rig will hold it for you and you can focus more on your framing and horizon. Even if your shot starts at the top of the stairs and ends past the bottom, holding headroom for a few seconds before heading down the stairs and then going into that preset trim, is going to be a lot easier than holding the tilt as you're walking down the stairs.
  13. $3200 or best offer Gimbal, Post Grip, Short Handle, Long Handle
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