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  1. If I’m running two canisters, I put them in diagonal to each other (canister closest to arm post goes up top, canister closest to socket block in the bottom). If you’re using two different spring types, same concept, they should be opposite one another (top section blue/black, bottom section black/blue). This, at least, has been the way I’ve always operated; though currently I run all four blues. Hope this helps, Maxwel
  2. You're welcome! I'm happy I could help! Cheers, Maxwel
  3. Norwin you're very welcome! As far as I know, the crossover block is a universal item for all the vests. Attached is what the regular (top) and goofy (bottom) crossover blocks looks like. I've also added photos of what my arm looks like in the block. I noticed that you in a goofy position have the longer threaded side to side adjustment on the vest in the lower position where I have mine on the regular side in the same spot. That is a little interesting to me. Quoting you here - "changing the angle of the socket block so the upper end of the block moves away from the vest while the lower part moves towards it, am i right?" - this is correct. It is exactly what my vest arm does. As far as the klassen drop arm goes, I don't know what it's overall purpose is other than to get the arm lower. I don't know if it has any effect on the side to side angle. I have the standard arm on my vest. I also use a flex vest. So our designs are a little different.
  4. Norwin, Is this vest new to you or have you had it for a while? The reason why I ask, is because it might be the crossover block. I had a similar issue with my flex vest after buying it second hand. It was set up for a goofy operator (I operate regular). I was able to switch the carbon fiber vest arm of course, insert my arm, but in order to get the rig to float properly off my body, my socket block looked similar to yours. I realized after that the angle of the vest's arm changed just enough due to the crossover block. I ordered a regular side crossover block and that fixed the problem. Hope this helps! I'll also try to find a photo or take one later today.
  5. And just like that, they’re gone. Admins, feel free to remove this post.
  6. Is it just me, or is the forum suddenly riddled with ads? I've got Men's Wearhouse in the header and Leibish in the footer. I even had to close full page one to see all the activity. Using Safari Version 14.
  7. Alex, Do you mean high-end boom range? The iBaird bracket would give you a lower low since it's a drop down bracket. I had the 4" at one point. Loved it as far as clearance for both my arm/elbow and monitor visibility. I'm 5'11", maybe 6' when I first wake up in the morning. If I ever needed more boom on the top end, I just put in a longer arm post. Hope that helps. Cheers, Maxwel Edit: Realized Alex's post is a year old. Gus, my comment is probably more relevant for you now.
  8. Hey Nathan, The iBaird 2" and 4" both work on a Pro vest set up for a "regular" operator. I say this having had a 4" iBaird as a "regular" operator. As for "goofy" setups, my understanding is that the 2" should not impede the waist latch from getting caught if you have a "regular" style vest, but if you go to the 4", you have to put the waist latch on the right side or the vest. I don't recall pro having an instructional video on the process of switching the waist latch from one side to the other, but I'm sure that Jack or Michelle can walk you through the process (drilling a couple holes if memory serves).
  9. @giovanni gebbia, saw your post on instagram. Curious where you tied in your composite in lines? Do you have photos from inside?
  10. http://magento2.p599278.webspaceconfig.de/de/catalogsearch/result/?cat=&q=mickey If this doesn't work, they sell them on www.catgriller.com, then search the site for mickey.
  11. Hey Michael, Camadeus is the US distributor. http://camade.us Cheers, Maxwel
  12. I think you’re right in that it is a case by case scenario. Sometimes you’ll have a DP with a very specific shot and movement in mind and no matter what you might be able to do to make it “better” you just stick to what they want. In other cases, like in Larry’s story where he basically gets a start point and an end point and has to fill everything in between, you can find moments to make the shot more exciting. Whether it’s having a character interact with something or someone, pick up details of an object or conversation as you’re passing through a space, maybe you’re stuck looking at the back of the actors head and you want to see their face or get in front of them…what can you have them do so you can accomplish that? You get the idea. In my still budding career, that’s how I’ve generally gone about things.
  13. If you haven't seen it already, here is a fun interview with Larry McConkey on how he composed the Copa Cabana scene in Goodfellas. This might help give you some insight.
  14. Hi Mathias, congratulations! When it comes to rigs, arms, vests, etc. it’s going to be very subjective. We all have individual preferences which is why there are so many choices. The one thing that is often said here, is to try as many different things as you can before you buy. That way you’re making purchases that suit you and your body. For me personally, I favor the pro titan arm and the klassen vest. My sled is a hybrid Pro Cinema HD top and bottom and XCS in the middle. It’s a configuration that works for me. As far as things to avoid, that’s a little easier and I think you’ll find a more uniform voice. Anything Came-TV, Laing (spell check) or a cheap knockoff should be avoided.
  15. Thank you Richard! I had a feeling I wasn’t right about that.
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