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  1. Cool, thanks for the advise! I will check this out and try it as soon as our stores re-open here... Have a great day, and stay healthy! Raphi
  2. Hi Thomas! I recently saw a picture of your old X45 sled and noticed something that looked like a V mount-battery plate at the bottom of the sled (adding to the two on the battery hanger). Did you install that plate yourself or was that already there when you ordered it? I think it would massively help to get the rig into dynamic balance...

    All the best

  3. Thank you so much Lisa! I already read the handbook's advice, but I will certainly check out Jerry's website, and the tipp with the weights is definitely something I'm going to try out! Have a great day, and thanks for your time and advise!
  4. I mean, for most cases I find it very much possible to operate like that. But fast whip-pans prove to be a lot trickier than with lighter cameras...
  5. Hi Corey Thanks for your answer! I'm currently testing out the Glidecam X45 with the g50x arm... It has a dual-battery hanger behind the post and a monitor arm in the front...
  6. Hi there! As I had the opportunity to borrow a friend's rig, I recently started to operate heavier cameras after learning to operate with lightweight setups (FS5 etc.). Now I have some kind of a noob struggle: I have no problem putting the rig in static balance. However, I find it very hard to balance it dynamically. As the guidebooks and tutorials advise, a good start for dynamic balance would be to put the camera’s CG a tiny bit behind the central post. But by doing so, I cannot put the rig in static balance any longer, as the batteries at the back of the bottom stage ar
  7. Hi Antoine I'm currently selling my first rig (Glidecam X20), as I upgraded to another setup. Would you be interested? You can load it up to 9kg, I flew many cameras on it, including FS5, FS7, Alexa Mini and RED models... I bought it directly from Glidecam for around 5700 Dollars, would part with it for 2500 Dollars plus shipping. I could also include a few accessories to get you started. Maybe it's a bit overkill for you, as you mentioned you would only fly small mirrorless or DSLR cameras, but feel free to hit me up when you are interested. Or maybe you want to take a workshop
  8. Hi Nick Not sure if you're still looking for a rig... I started with a Glidecam X20 a few years ago and loved it. Of course, Steadicam or Sachtler products give you a bit more flexibility, more connectors etc. But it works just fine and the gimbal is really great. I still use a Glidecam sled (X45), but changed the vest and arm to Steadicam (G50x and LX vest) - I don't have any complaints about the Glidecam sled. Really solid build quality. You can pack a Mini or RED on the X20, although it gets really close to the maximum weight capacity... I'm selling the X20, as I didn't
  9. Hi guys! I'm looking to buy a used practice cage from Tiffen (or a home-made weight plate) of around 22lb (ca 10kg). I'm based in Switzerland. Can anyone help me out? All the best from the land of cheese and chocolate Raphi
  10. Maybe a firewall of your customer? On my laptop, the connection to your page is described "unsafe"...
  11. Hi there! I've been looking for a spare arm post that lets me put my 5/8'' gimbal on the G50x. But until now, I could not find it anywhere, and the guys from CVP.com - where I normally get the equipment - don't know about it either... Does anyone have an idea where I could get any infos about that topic? Or do you know a European reseller? All the best Raphi
  12. Hi Martin,

    ich bin momentan auf der Suche nach einem neuen Arm für meine Steadicam (ich habe vor einigen Monaten begonnen mit Operating und möchte nun den nächsten Schritt machen). Ist dein Titan Pro Arm immer noch verfügbar und würdest Du ihn separat verkaufen? 

    Wahrscheinlich ist er ohnehin nicht in meinem Budget (ich bin Filmstudent), aber ich dachte, nachfragen kann man ja mal...

    Herzlichen Gruss aus der Schweiz und einen guten Wochenstart!

    1. Martin Kreslehner

      Martin Kreslehner

      Hallo Raphael,


      leider ist der Arm nichtmehr verfügbar!

      Ich wünsche dir dennoch alles Gute auf deinem Weg!

      Herzlichen Gruß und einen schönen Tag!


  13. Good morning!
    I was wondering if you would be interested in only selling the G50x-arm and/or the vest separately, or if you wanted to sell your kit as one unit.

    If so, what would be your price for the individual items?

    All the best

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