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  1. Kevin, sounds weird! Are you aligning the gimbal handle to the back of your camera? So, you mean if you’re turning on/off your power/batteries it sometimes helps? When I’m low on power I notice it won’t run at all, only lights are showing, no motors turning. Then I have to switch batteries, which solves it.
  2. Very cute indeed! Take good care of each other!!
  3. Hi everyone, Been trying to find some info on Volt issues/problems, but couldn’t find anyone.. Either this is my lack of good search engine abilities showing (...;-)) or there’s just not much on the topic yet. -Because I doubt that operators haven’t had their issues with the Volt yet. I’m a Volt owner myself but as I’ve only had it for about a couple of months, I haven’t ran into any big issues with it yet. It “stalled” a couple of times when I was practicing, but I just turned it off and restarted it. But that can possibly be because of an unaligned gimbal handle to back of camera/top-stage at the 3 sec start up. I love Steadicam because the whole idea of it is mechanical, when we add electronics, no matter how expensive, no matter how new/old, which shape/brand(s), it is never about if it will break but when it will break/stop working/having issues/etc!...And if one doesn’t have a quite decent insight/knowledge about electronics, one are totally “lost” (at least if one relies too much on the given device) ! So, any which Volt issues/problems have you had until now?? Did it take time to solve etc?
  4. Forget about Glidecam. If you’re talking a decent rig for that budget, 15K is not a huge amount of money when we’re talking Steadicam systems really. Take a look at either the Zephyr, or the Aero 30 might also be within your weight limit. I would definitely not go with Glidecam, I doubt there are many Glidecam operators out there..
  5. Really!? That was somehow awkward to watch.. And I doubt anyone else likes your showreel, if their not watching just because of the half naked girl “dancing” around of course.. You had way too much headroom, and your framing/composition is nothing more than boring and dull, and the subject was all over the frame when you circled her, you should be glad you got a 3 axis electronic gimbal, stick with that.. Over 4 minutes with “adult only” content I wish I never saw! And didn’t you know, there are actually a lot of female operators out there.. Too bad they aren’t allowed to watch your work. Guess they would have gotten really enthusiastic about this content. From a newbie to another newbie; didn’t mean to be rude or anything, just honest, and such sexualised content made me want to tell you the truth, and after all, it was you who asked.
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