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  1. Hi there, So you mean you’ve just taken the original socket block and put it at the back rods!? But how’s that for the arm, doesn’t it take a lot more “beating” and I guess you have to readjust left/right orientation on it? Perhaps I should give it a go..
  2. Hi Tyson, As you know, I live in Norway, but right now I don’t care too much about upgrading it, because it functions well as it is. I don’t know if this is my mind or not, but if I push the button two times rapidly, it stays in position and doesn’t “sinck”. If you get what I mean. I guess some day soon the techs at Hofmann (Sweden) will be able to solve the upgrade problem, as this is getting a more known issue. Now, stay safe, and we’ll be in touch! All the best, Patrick
  3. Hi Kate, Yeah, I too thought the best thing was to learn from “scratch”, as I’m not that fond of all the electronics, which can go down in a heartbeat. Especially when it’s not supposed to. I got so much respect for GB and Jerry, and more. (And you!) GB and Chris are really helping me out, I’ve been blessed to reach such a personal contact with them both. We can talk about everything, not only Steadicam but life in general. Which of course grows my affection to them both. These days I’ve been discussing gimbal distance and center post extraction with GB and he says something I’m a little curious about, that the minor post length and distance to gimbal to top stage is the way to go, not like I prefer it, like I love a more extracted post and more distance to the gimbal. The discussion is not ended, at least not for me(...) and I’m stuck liking the center post quite extracted and a bit distance to the gimbal. (What’s your opinion on this? Never mind how the shot should be, mind how one like to work with it.) My passion for this is sometimes a bit more of an agony than a passion, if you get what I mean, I just cannot leave it alone, never. But I guess that’s just how it is with people like us, giving so much of ourselves to this each and every second, awake or at dream... Thank you for your answer, Kate! I really appreciate that! I want you to know that! All the best, Patrick.
  4. Hi Tyson, One question; do I heave to send my Volt in, or can I upgrade it with the latest beta firmware myself? It would be a HUGE problem, and I’m really really dependant on my Volt! And I cannot be without a single week. all the best Patrick
  5. Could it be an early Glidecam vest? It was the first thing that hit me when I saw that “socket block”.. But why do you want to buy such an old and “damaged” vest? What rig do you have?
  6. @Jerry Holway I just noticed this, is it something I can fix myself!? (Thought I send it here too, in case you don’t use Messenger).
  7. But to tell you all the truth.. I think you guys have really “done it” with the development of the Volt!! It’s such a new product and I think it’s off to a magnificent start! All products have “start issues”, minor and major issues, but I still haven’t found any major issues, not yet at least. And Jerry, you guys have really really done it again!! Congratulations so much to all of your great team members, which are all doing a terrific job!
  8. Lawrence, Yeah, that’s not unheard of. I’ve learned to compensate for that, so no major issue. But, if (perhaps just my mind) one click the button rapidly two times, I believe it’s not “dipping”.. But this I wonder if Jerry could explain a bit about.? Jerry?
  9. Wait! What!? Archer ARM!?!?? Does that even exist??? Jerry, what’s the post size of the A2 SPV? 1.5"?
  10. Kevin, sounds weird! Are you aligning the gimbal handle to the back of your camera? So, you mean if you’re turning on/off your power/batteries it sometimes helps? When I’m low on power I notice it won’t run at all, only lights are showing, no motors turning. Then I have to switch batteries, which solves it.
  11. Very cute indeed! Take good care of each other!!
  12. Hi everyone, Been trying to find some info on Volt issues/problems, but couldn’t find anyone.. Either this is my lack of good search engine abilities showing (...;-)) or there’s just not much on the topic yet. -Because I doubt that operators haven’t had their issues with the Volt yet. I’m a Volt owner myself but as I’ve only had it for about a couple of months, I haven’t ran into any big issues with it yet. It “stalled” a couple of times when I was practicing, but I just turned it off and restarted it. But that can possibly be because of an unaligned gimbal handle to back of camera/top-stage at the 3 sec start up. I love Steadicam because the whole idea of it is mechanical, when we add electronics, no matter how expensive, no matter how new/old, which shape/brand(s), it is never about if it will break but when it will break/stop working/having issues/etc!...And if one doesn’t have a quite decent insight/knowledge about electronics, one are totally “lost” (at least if one relies too much on the given device) ! So, any which Volt issues/problems have you had until now?? Did it take time to solve etc?
  13. Forget about Glidecam. If you’re talking a decent rig for that budget, 15K is not a huge amount of money when we’re talking Steadicam systems really. Take a look at either the Zephyr, or the Aero 30 might also be within your weight limit. I would definitely not go with Glidecam, I doubt there are many Glidecam operators out there..
  14. Really!? That was somehow awkward to watch.. And I doubt anyone else likes your showreel, if their not watching just because of the half naked girl “dancing” around of course.. You had way too much headroom, and your framing/composition is nothing more than boring and dull, and the subject was all over the frame when you circled her, you should be glad you got a 3 axis electronic gimbal, stick with that.. Over 4 minutes with “adult only” content I wish I never saw! And didn’t you know, there are actually a lot of female operators out there.. Too bad they aren’t allowed to watch your work. Guess they would have gotten really enthusiastic about this content. From a newbie to another newbie; didn’t mean to be rude or anything, just honest, and such sexualised content made me want to tell you the truth, and after all, it was you who asked.
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