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  1. When I started operating Steadicam, I did it in goofy, and remained that way for several years. Then one day I was practicing a very slow creep forward and realised that I was struggling a little to maintain a steady shot. I switched to regular and it was totally weird and I thought I'll go back to goofy. But then I thought, no, let's persevere with goofy, and continued to practice over a number of days. Suddenly, I realised that my operating improved. I'm right handed but also I walk easier when I operate in regular. Slow creeps were much easier to execute as a result and I've never gone back
  2. I had problems with my unit also. Tested at home and it was absolutely fine. Went on a couple of shoot and the unit wouldn't communicate on both separate shoots, intermittently. Had to get a Preston unit sent over by courier to get us out of a jam; very embarrassing and bad for my image.
  3. I don't know but it seems that on some days I can operate for long periods of time without any significant ache in my lower back but on other days, I can't really operate for more than 5 minutes! I've tried everything to ensure my vest is sitting on my shoulders and hips on every occasion. Anyone got any ideas what the problem might be?
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