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  1. Okay, so after a whole bunch of experimenting I now realise that the problem was the position of the vest around the waist. Having watched a video bye Chris Fawcett I realised that I wasn’t wearing my vest properly and now Having corrected that the problem the back pain has gone away!
  2. A couple of days ago I was asked by the Director to whip from the face of the actor to their hand and back up. The DOP (who has flown Steadicam) suggested he'd help me by grabbing the bottom of the sled to help get the shot. After two attempts he realised that Steadicam wasn't the tool for the job and he went hand-held! He nailed it first time! The Steadicam is great at getting a bunch of shots; however it is not the answer for everything and that's a fact!!!
  3. When I started operating Steadicam, I did it in goofy, and remained that way for several years. Then one day I was practicing a very slow creep forward and realised that I was struggling a little to maintain a steady shot. I switched to regular and it was totally weird and I thought I'll go back to goofy. But then I thought, no, let's persevere with goofy, and continued to practice over a number of days. Suddenly, I realised that my operating improved. I'm right handed but also I walk easier when I operate in regular. Slow creeps were much easier to execute as a result and I've never gone back. When I recently had a Volt fitted to my rig, it was installed in regular mode. I'm sure they'll be situations where I may have to switch to goofy to get around a specific situation but for sure, I now operate in regular position.
  4. I had problems with my unit also. Tested at home and it was absolutely fine. Went on a couple of shoot and the unit wouldn't communicate on both separate shoots, intermittently. Had to get a Preston unit sent over by courier to get us out of a jam; very embarrassing and bad for my image.
  5. I don't know but it seems that on some days I can operate for long periods of time without any significant ache in my lower back but on other days, I can't really operate for more than 5 minutes! I've tried everything to ensure my vest is sitting on my shoulders and hips on every occasion. Anyone got any ideas what the problem might be?
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