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  1. Thanks @Maxwel Fisher. The 503UB is a great recommendation. Dan
  2. What do you use for your low-mode monitor? I'm flying a GPI kit and have been balancing with the Small HD 702 as my low-mode monitor in order for quick high/low transitions. I love having it there because it really does make things faster. But the 702 is abysmal in direct sunlight, and is too clunky to be practical. And also powering the dang thing via d-tap is an issue. I'm looking into the BlackMagic 5in Video Assist as a budget option, and a Transvideo Starlite 5in as a more permanent solution. A monitor that supports on board video recording is not strictly necessary, but I'm definitely leaning towards a monitor that supports that feature. The BlackMagic 5in seems alright but you have to do some surgery in order to power it properly from your sled. Any thoughts or tips on the matter would be much appreciated! Cheers, -Dan
  3. I use the Flyer and try to get as close to maximum weight as I can, or I experience that "squirrelly" feel you talk about. I achieve this by loading up as much weight as I can on camera, in combination with a homemade weight plate I built for practice sessions. It's not pretty but it gets the job done and flys SO much easier and smoother. Best of luck with your practice.
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