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  1. Selling my Zephyr Steadicam kit (with extras). £4,100, preferably UK pick-up. The kit includes: - Zephyr arm, sled & vest - 7'' Marshall monitor - 3x camera weight plates (extra) - 4x Zephyr weights - Dovetail - Docking bracket - 3x BNC cables - 2x Monitor cables - V-lock mount (Extra. Dummy v-lock for balance) - Skymagic CG monitor mount (upgrade) - Original monitor mount - Zephyr pelicase (all fits inside) Does not include the c-stand in shot. It's all in great working condition, there's scratches and marks to the paint throughout from use but no damage to any of the gear that would impact performance. Bought last year for £4,300 and spent £250 on extra parts but now selling to raise funds for other equipment. Feel free to try out and check before making a decision, based in Blackpool. Price is firm, no offers please. Potentially open to international delivery, buyer pays for postage.
  2. Looking to buy or have made a cage / weight plate for my FS5 to use with my Zephyr. I've searched but can't seem to find who or what company makes them, any help is appreciated! Cheers, Lewis
  3. So I finally fixed the issue, I can't even begin to explain how relived I am right now. It turns out I had to select 576i from the SDI output settings on my FS5, I had it at 1080p thinking that is what I needed but guess not. Hopefully if someone else has the same problem in future they'll stumble along this thread haha.
  4. It turns out that the monitor SDI port is bust. I'm looking at buying a new one, I don't suppose you have any reccomendations?
  5. Thanks mate, I think I've nailed all of the correct in and out now, I'm thinking it's probably a bad SDI. Appreciate all the help!
  6. Update: Okay so now I've actually got all the correct inputs and outputs I managed to get signal for 5 secs, the signal eventually goes off and only comes back if I turn the monitor off/on again. I don't even have to move the BNC or steadicam for it to lose signal. It could be a bad cable at this point which is annoying as I bought 2 brand new ones.
  7. I've now tried: Camera SDI to stage front HD SDI + monitor HD SDI in to Sled HD Vid SDI. No signal still, starting to worry the wiring could be bust inside the sled.
  8. Yep that's the cable I'm using, I've tried the cable that is just the xlr and lemo used with my own bnc but I get no signal at all I'm connecting to the rear of the top of the sled (video) it's labelled, not the HD SDI output. The HD SDI gives me not signal either. I'm assuming I might have a combination of things wrong here but I'll keep testing
  9. It actually doesn't change or lose signal when I move the cable, it was just coincidence as I've tried it about 10 times previous. Just ordered a new SDI that's long enough to go from camera to monitor and will test that. I've used a separate SDI already with no luck.
  10. And just to clarify, the cable in using from my fs5 into the 'video port on top of the sled is this https://www.wexphotovideo.com/dsc-hd-sdi-uhd-bnc-to-bnc-0-5m-cable-1645980/ (assuming this is okay) For the monitor and bottom of the sled I'm using the 3 way cable that came with.
  11. Hey Haris, So this is what happens when I turn on both the fs5 and monitor I'm not actually pressing record or doing anything with the camera. After a while it'll just stay blue and I won't even get the flicking between working and no signal anymore.
  12. Hey all, Recently purchased my first steadicam, a Zephyr. Today I started setting it up and managed to get it some-what balanced and so on, the only problem I've run into so far is that I'm not able to get signal on my monitor. I'm pretty certain all wires are ojay and plugged into the correct parts as I managed to get a 85% signal for about 2 seconds, it then cut out and gave me another 2 seconds of signal and then cut out again. This happened 3 times. I'm shooting with a Sony fs5 and the SDI output is selected on the camera, SDI cables are new. I've attached a couple of photos of my inputs and outputs, hopefully someone has experienced thos before! Cheers.
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