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  1. I'm interested in what people come back with on this too. Seems like AB vs Vlock is a regional preference. Between those two many will say that Vlocks are prone to fall off but I've personally never seen that happen. So when shopping for myself and deciding what my steadi will have, I'm basing my decision on which of the two are more readily available. The rest is more subjective. Capacity and weight can influence how you build so choose based on how many you want to fly on the rig and how many batts you want to own. Brands; Anton Bauer, Hawkwoods, Core, IDX and Watson all seem to
  2. Vancouver Canada Based. We're looking to purchase a few more sets of Tomahawks. If you've got a used set kicking around and are upgrading to bolts, Vaxis, Slingshot's, etc. we'd be interested in your Tomahawks
  3. I've been a gimbal tech and operator since their invent working on A-list projects with A-list DPs. I feel like the next step in my career is to transition from gimbal to traditional cam-op/steadi op. I want to start stepping in that direction but not without guidance and help. Wondering if there is anyone here in the Vancouver area that wants to help a keen man with 20 years film experience make that transition? Would love to find a rig I can cut my teeth on (where you get the rental) and I can gain in experience. I have access to our companies Red's, Arri Mini and Mini LF, Supreme
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