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  1. Hi I was wondering, not quite about steadicam but you certainly have the answer. Why do they often if not always cover the back of operators/cameras with scrims or flags outdoor. Can't figure out for what it is since it's used in totally different setups, I would guess it's to block the shadow or something but I see it no matter the sun direction so It confuses me ^^ Cheers,
  2. Yes I'm totally sure, I would like to become a steadicam operator that's why I would like to get one to be able to practice a lot with it. We are currently using gimbals for our music videos, but my team is supporting me to get a steadicam and they also think it will be a + for our production to get steadicam shots when I'll be trained in a market where everything is done with gimbals ! :)
  3. Hi, Please pardon my english :3 Excuse for the boring life talk but I think I need to give a little bit of a context. I'm currently looking for an entry level steadicam, with a student budget to get me started in this world. I bought years ago those small 50€ gimbals and played around a lot with it. I currently work as a DP for small music videos. Since I want to pursue learning the steadicam, I would like to get a little bigger rig to operate in those music videos. The camera to fly would mostly be DSLRs (rigged with cage, wireless focus etc.) and for lovely occasions small camcor
  4. Hi, I'm from france and currently in last year of cinema school, so not only I'm new to steadicam but also new to cinema in general ^^. As you guessed I want to learn steadicam so I would like to have your opinion on my plan: For a first rig I'm thinking about getting something ultralow budget like this. https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjqpfLwiJrlAhXEiNUKHeqKAmoYABAKGgJ3cw&ae=1&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESQeD2NoDhByvPgRbXshJGeoS3Rdlk7TybJAilL3tyu203lSetpv5Mzm7Kww3uyI9MZ4OuPJtbkIdK5AnXkdTXiKO4&sig=AOD64_1SZTeJEOwfkMRycuJQAAGya
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