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  1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/HC3pU73d4TVSkZU26
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/HC3pU73d4TVSkZU26
  3. Kit includes HU3 Handset S/N 1644 6 Focus Rings (A to E + blank) 5 batteries and 1 charger (#10050603, #10055815) HU3SC Side Cover HU3 padded hand Grip Neck Strap HU3MF2 (Microforce) Mounting Bracket 1 x DMF2 - HU3 Zoom Cable (8inch) L14P L6P RED/GREY) shipping Case
  4. Full Preston FI+Z kit for sale in very good condition. This system is fully up to date and serviced and maintained by Monster Remotes for me. I am located in Brooklyn NY. $25,000 Plus shipping. If interested or for more info email: noheatmac@gmail.com Kit includes HU3 Handset S/N 1644 6 Focus Rings (A to E + blank) 7 batteries and 2 chargers (#10050603, #10055815) HU3SC Side Cover HU3 padded hand Grip Neck Strap MDR3 S/N 2332 PFIC Preston Focus / Iris Controller S/N1606 MR-PFIC Marking Ring Digital Microforce 2 S/N D252290 HU3MF2 Mounting Bracket 2 x DMF2 - HU3 Zoom Cables (8inch, 20ft) L14P L6P RED/GREY) Motors 1 x DM1X and hill bracket S/N 3296 (wide gear) 2 x DM2 and hill bracket S/N 4583 + S/N 4570 3 x ARRI pitch, 1 x Panavision Zoom 48pitch, 1 x PV Iris 64pitch gears Cables CB-MDR3AY (MDR3 Arri Y (3pf - 2pl power & 10pl run) CB-MDR3PVP (MDR3 Panavision Power L2-L2) CB-MDR3PVP (MDR3 Arri Run Power Combo F3-L10) CB-MDR3AP (MDR3 ARRI Power (F3, L2) CB-MDR3MC (MDR3 Main Command Cable HU3) 20ft 4 x Preston Motor Cables (L7P Green) CB-CTMDR3 Cinetape to MDR3 (L4, L6) MDR power (2pl-2pl) Accessories 4 x RB- PV 19mm-5/8inch PV Reduction Bushings (RED) 4 x RB- ARRI 19mm -15mm ARRI Reduction Bushings (BLUE) 3 x FIZMA-19mm Motor Arms (Hill Brackets) 1 x D-Clamp extension for Hill Bracket 3 x D-Clamp bushings for Hill Bracket Shipping Case
  5. Cinetape (original) with Remote Display (Link1), horn extensions, various mounts and multiple sets of cables (Panavision, ARRI, Interface to MDR2, Cable to MDR3 .. in Pelican Shipping Case. Available for sale. $3,500
  6. So, I'm selling off my 1st AC gear.These are just the bigger items. original price is in parenthesies, selling price is not. If you don't see a price, PM me with an offer. I've included the factory ID numbers so you can look them up for more specs. Contact me if you are interested in anything on this list and I can send you more detailed information or pictures. All of these items are located in Brooklyn, NY. Dimensions Qty Catalogue number for Specs (Original COST) Selling PRICE MONITORS 7" 1 SmallHD 703U (SDI+HDMI) ULtrabrite, GM ($2,999.00) $2,000.00 w/ Cage &hood SMACHOOD703/ACC-HOOD-7030 w/ GM battery back PWR-ADP-UB-GM w/ screen protector ACC-SP-703, cables 1 TVLogic LVM-074W HD/SD 1024x600 LCD , GM ($2,549.00) $800.00 ARRI 2pin power cable SW-LC-TVL-02 GM Battery Bracket TVL-PR-ABGOLD-074 Screen protector, AC/DC power supply, mounting bracket, cables 1 SmallHD AC7 OLED SDI GM ($1,399.00) $800.00 w/ sunhood, GM plate cables SDI,Hirose, XLR 5.6" 1 TVLogic - FullHD (good for focus) TVL-VFM-058WP 1920x1080 LCD 3G ($1,596.00) $800.00 w/ battery bracket TVL-BB-058S onboard battery charger, kit with batteries and AC/DC adapter 1 SmallHD DP6 - SDI ($1,399.00) $600.00 w/ power supply SMPADP12V DP6 sunhood, battery back, neoprene sleeve, SP, wireless remote, miniHDMI-HDMI cable low profile paired battery plate, charger, slim flat batteries and charger 1 TVLogic HD/SD/HDMI TVL-VFM-056WP HD/SDI/HDMI 3G $600.00 1 TVL battery back TVL-BB-056AA SNIPER 1 Ward's MKII Pro Package brand new green laser ($10,200.00) $6,000.00 1 ARRI power cable 1 MDR3 cable $250.00 CINETAPE 1 Cinetape kit ($6,800.00) $5,000 for cinetape and remotedisplay combined 1 Wireless Remote Display kit ($4,500.00) 1 Extension Sensor Tubes ($350.00) 1 Preston Cinetape Display Cable ($580.00) other cables (see itemization) ($2,235.00) 1 Noga mounting panels for display 1 Shapeways cinetape motor mount (additional) FILM CAMERA FLANGE FOCAL DEPTH GAUGE KIT with gate plates for Panavision, ARRI, Moviecam 1 Ground Glass Puller 1 Tork screwdriver set CAMERA COVERS 3 Elizabeth Sola brand, like new -RED, BLUE, GREEN FILTER POUCHES 1 Panavision 8 slot PSC-FILPCH-8S-ALL-CAM 1 Schneider 5 Slot 5 6x6 Individual Pouches 1 4x5 Individual Pouch 3 4x4- 3x3 Individual Pouch ARMS Noga Cine Arm, med AC-NOGA-DG9014CA Noga Cine Arm, small 1 INFINITY Arm kit MA429627/429627/4296264, 429626-4 ($319.22) TERADEK/PARALINX 1:2 all have 1tx with 2 Rx, Array Panel, AB GM plates, in custom built Pelican Cases 1 Paralinx Tomahawk SDI 1:2 DELUXE GM Package HR-10-1252 ($10,000) $5,000 1 Paralinx Tomahawk2 1:2 SDI/HDMI Deluxe GM Package HR-10-1286-G ($10,000) $5,000 BOLT 1 BOLT 3000 XT 3G-SDI/HDMI 1;2 Deluxe GM ($15,990) $10,000 1 extra Array MIMO Panel Antenna (GM) PATA1 ($439.95)
  7. 3 separate systems for sale. All in good working condition and all come in their own specially made Pelican Cases. All come with 2 Receivers to each Transmitter. All have Gold Mount battery panels. All include an Array Panel and complete set of mounts, antennas, assorted camera power cables, and short bnc cables. 1)Tomahawk2 2)Tomahawk 3) Bolt 3000 (barely used) Make me an Offer for any of the above
  8. Paralynx Tomahawk2 2:1 Wireless Transmitter with two Receivers for sale with Shipping Case. Some wear and tear but in working condition. Make an offer.
  9. Paralynx Tomahawk Deluxe 2:1 Wireless Transmitter with two Receivers for sale. Some wear and tear but in excellent working condition. Make an offer.
  10. I know this sold. I have the same MDR2 available if anyone else is interested.
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