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  1. Hey, good people! I’m in the market for a used, big rig sled and arm. Doesn’t need to include the Volt. Thank you!
  2. I’m 5’10” looking for more elbow room, but don’t want to give up low-end boom range. Anyone my height try both 2inch and 4 inch adapters and have a preference?
  3. Do they have an office state-side? They’re based in Sweden, correct? I guess my hang up would be sending things in for service if I had to send it to Sweden from the US
  4. Hello, I’m a Steadicam newbie (just picked up my own vest!) looking to get together with a group that practices regularly. I’ve had a few lessons, and looking to deepen my gear and operating knowledge. I can help load in/out, clean equipment, etc. Thank you!
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