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  1. Athos, since I have tons of other gear. But will be looking into WP Dolle to separate lenses, cameras g&e from Steadicam.
  2. Sounds like you do what I do. I'll balance the sled without the cable entirely. Get it into dynamic balance, attach the cable to the gimbal and the stage, pull camera aft just ever so slightly, and make sure my side/side's good as well. At this point, I don't even bother with adjusting anything else or even do a spin test. I feel like that cable could get tangled and snag on something if I do.
  3. What about just having your levels up on the monitor? Also, if there are big changes in audio levels you're not going to be able to adjust while you're rolling so maybe just set it to auto?
  4. How do I view my inbox via the forum? I get a notification in gmail, but would love to just to navigate to it via the forum. Thanks in advance!
  5. Bought one. Should I be marking this post as "bought/sold" somehow?
  6. Incredible shot Alec! Also love reading about it. Just the BTS of you on the crane and the hallway spinning gave me vertigo, your level of focus was amazing!
  7. Looking for a used g50x arm. I'm in Brooklyn, NY and willing to pay for shipping.
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