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  1. Hi. How much for exovest?

    1. Bob Gorelick

      Bob Gorelick

      The exovest sold. I do, however, have a Klassen vest still for sale. Let me know if you're interested.



  2. Hi Marco is the Matrix Sled, arm and vest still for sale?

    1. Marco Dardari

      Marco Dardari

      Hi Damian, no it was sold, thanks for your interest


  3. Hi Christian. ImĀ 5.5' tall . will the vest fit me?

    1. Christian Ramirez-Coll

      Christian Ramirez-Coll

      Hey there, I believe it will, most important is your waist size and weight, because of the ratchet closure.

  4. Hi all! Searching for a new sled and arm. Maybe vest also. Something like Archer 2 with g50 arm. Ultravest or exo. Let me know if you have smthg! Thanks
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