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  1. For Sale , Bolt 1000 2:1 plus sidekick. Included are all necessary cables and panel antenna. The panel has a chipped corner but is only cosmetic. Case included . 5000 USD including shipping within North America. Thanks, Timothy Spencer
  2. For sale: 1303 monitor with pelican case, Upgrade Innovations stand adapter, sunshade and screen protector, gold mount or V lock power adapter, 2 rapid rail mounting brackets. The monitor is clean and the screen scratch free. Asking $3300 USD plus shipping
  3. I have for sale the following filters : all filters are 4x5.65 except for the Polar which are 138mm 2x 85 set ( 85,85n3,85n6,85n9) I would prefer to sell these as a set 2x ND set (nd3,nd6,nd9) 2xLLD 2x81EF 3x 138mmPola 1.5 stop compensation All the filters are Non IR the filters are 65$ each and come with a case and free shipping in North America when purchased as a lot. If purchased separately the filters are 150$ each and buyer pays shipping. I'm open to offers Regards, Tim
  4. For sale 2 Preston DM1 motors. Good condition. 500$ each or 850$ for the pair. Buyer pays shipping. Regards, Tim
  5. New price 4900$. Shipping included within North America.
  6. For sale Preston HU3. This unit has never been subrented or consigned to a rental house. It comes with 5 numbered rings and one blank ring as well as a micro force bracket and cable. 5300$ with North American shipping included. Regards, Timothy
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