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  1. I have made one of those and turns out pretty good :-) Can send the file for 3d printing of the connector box.
  2. I think this is a wrong section for adverts …
  3. As I dont really use this amazing tool as much as I would like , he re is up for a sale MK-V AR OMEGA . New electronics from last year. Gravity monitor bracket . Side to side plate Many balancing weights Power cable Camera cables: Alexa Mini/Mini LF Sony Venice- 4pin XLR ARRI full size cameras (24volt) all cables Leno 1b wired for Betz Tools sled ( could be remade easily for mk-v) The unit is in great workin order Asking price : 19000 EUR Free EU shipping (ground)
  4. As we all agreed with the rules of the forum, asking price is mandatory ! no hard feelings , but if you point interesting offer , you will have better chance of selling your items . Cheers!
  5. Posting for friend: Mo-Sys Lambda 3 axis remote head with Backpan gyro.This head was purchased in 2012 and was one of the last of the Lambda series.Very strong motors, record moves and can repeat them at different speedsThe package includes wheels control for pan and tilt and custom made pedal control for Roll axing.Included is also a pan bar control for pan and tilt.Price 50.000 euro Lorenzo Senatore lorenzosenatore@me.com
  6. Contact Danny Elsen ,he has one sitting in his storage. Cheers!
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