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  1. Posting for a Friend: Selling Peston FIZ System in perfect condition ( HU-3/MDR-3/DMF-2/DM1x/DM2/DM4x/ F-IU) This was private system for 5 years and was un-used the last 2 years contact: lorenzosenatore@me.com
  2. Posting for a Friend: Robford Baker Atlas head with cardellini quick lock and Arri Standard Dovetail plate Price 7000 euro Located in Europe contact: lorenzosenatore@me.com
  3. Havent use this one for ages ,so its time to go Price :2000 EUR Location in the EU
  4. Beautiful BaerBel arm that served me for many years, as I took very good care of it. The arm is very good working order! It can handle any camera from small Canons up to fully loaded Alexa LF. Comes with Pelican 1700 case and various arm posts. Located in the EU. Price: 3500 EUR
  5. Ive talked to Dean last week. They are closed ,but Im sure if you are in trouble they will try to help. Cheers!
  6. Hi Rufus, As far as I know Danny Elsen has one that he would sale and he will start a movie in Amsterdam in few days. Please contact him - mail@dannyelsen.com
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