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  1. Hi Carrie, you could easily use a HDMI to SDI converter. Black magic makes a very small one that I used on my first rig. Also I believe the C100 (~3lbs) is light enough for the Pilot, as long as don’t add too many accessories. Arms like the Pilot really like to be on the heavier side of their range. I would usually add weight to the camera until I got fairly close. I don’t recommend going over the weight limit though, because there are parts that can fail if pushed too far. Hope this helps. http://Blackmagic Design Micro Converter HDMI to SDI (with Power Supply) BMD-CONVCMIC/HS/WPSU https://
  2. Thanks Peter! I’ve seen your product demonstration of the Scout on YouTube. That’s a great suggestions on the 3-segment arm. I hadn’t thought of that solution. Do you think the Scout is worth hanging onto? Or would I be better off not wasting my time tinkering with it? I figured if it is a good rig, I’ll keep it as a backup or running rig one day. I’d love to get your option, especially since you were around for insider knowledge of it. Thanks again! Pete
  3. I’m trying to find ways to upgrade my Scout system during lockdown, and I’m now focused on my arm post. I’d love to extend my post length for super high or low mode, but that doesn’t not seem to be easily post on this arm. The stock arm post is not easily changeable, but I found my F-bracket has a removable arm post. Does anyone make 1/2” (or I guess slightly less it looks) arm posts? Do I just find a machinist in LA to make some? Thanks for any advice or tips!
  4. You need to hold down the SEL button for a few seconds to get the menu to come up. Then you can use the up and down buttons to scroll. Took me forever to figure all this out as well.
  5. Does anyone make vest mods like this? I’m very interested in upgrading my Scout vest with the ratchet buckles.
  6. Any idea on final price for just the F bracket and shipping to LA?
  7. Hi, I’m looking for an F bracket for my Scout system. Anyone upgrade to a full size rig and not use theirs anymore? Hopping to find one locally in Los Angeles
  8. I’m new to LA and the steadicam world, so I would be interested if this happens.
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