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  1. Hi all, i need some advice on zoom/ focus controllers (steadicam mounted) what do you use? does it work well? Around here most of the operators use(d) bebob zoe, wich i intended to buy, but, as you might know they bebob stopped making them, and i cant find any at all for sale. I've heard that G-Zoom makes good quality zoom/focus units but i've been hesitant to buy one since they cost about 3x as much as the zoe did, want to hear your thoughts! Martin
  2. Are you sure you want a steadicam and not some sort of gimball set up? a steadicam A. takes alot of practice and time to learn B. Is very expensive and C. Usually is used for bigger cameras. If you want to become a steadicam operator this sorta makes sense to get practice, but if you just want cool shots for music videos/ commercials using dslrs id reccomend checking out the gimball solutions :D
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