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  1. Hi all, I know this topic has been brought up before but I don't think since the artemis 2, m2 and dragonfly were options! I'm looking to get my first rig and am of the mindset buy once cry once. I'm between a 2nd hand Gpi pro rig and the ones listed above ( artemis 2, m2 and dragonfly) As a first rig the dragonfly if probably outside the realm of possibity. What are the experienced thoughts of the gpi pro rigs future proofing vs the artemis? The m2 core bundle will get me up and running with a full rig for cheaper than the other options but will I want to be swapping out arms and vests after 18 months? I missed BSC because of work so I'll be onto the manufacturers to see where I can catch them next to test ! But any thoughts from more experienced minds would be great! Thanks Cathal Mac Réamoinn
  2. Thanks William for taking the time to reply. From scouring the forum a properly fitted vest ( and high quality ) is what has been flagged all over. Would you have any suggestions for what vest to get? From my going through the topics the DSD vest soons to be a lot of people's favourite. I'm a slight guy so I'm planning on going for a back mount. But if you have any thoughts or add on's I'd love to hear! Hi Kevin, Thanks for replying and giving such a breath of good advice! Cycling is a great idea that I hadn't really thought of ( I was imagining working the exact muscles) but I used to cycle a fair amount and it'd be lower impact on the knees! Thanks again to you both for taking the time out of your days to reply and give the advice to a newbie before I go and hurt myself. Have a fantastic 2022 Le Meas, ( With respect in Irish) Cathal Mac Réamoinn
  3. Hi all, Long-time reader, first time writer. I've been working now in the camera department for the last eight, maybe nine years and looking to progress into Steadicam. I'm currently waiting for courses to come on stream as it seems to be an invaluable experience before even thinking of buying a rig. My main concern is strength and conditioning and making sure I'm physically ready for it when courses come back in Europe. I'm a slight enough man, 5'10" , 72KG ( 10 stone) ,28 inch waist. Going to the gym and running coming back to regular as well as Pilates as was recommended by a Steadicam operator. Previously I flew a very light zephyr rig. Recently an operator let me practise with his ultra 2 rig. Still not anywhere near what many of you fly but I'd guess around the 20-24 kilo mark and I think my ability would have been hampered by my strength if I was to fly it for a long period. If anyone had any advice on exercises or rough indicators of what weights I should be comfortable squatting, running, tread milling backwards, etc I would appreciate it greatly. I've also seen some recommendations for judo and any sports and exercise that makes you conscious of masses attached to yourself. Any and all advice gratefully received. Le Meas Cathal Mac Réamoinn Ireland
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