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  1. Sorry, for some reason it's not letting me post in the "wanted" section. I'm looking to buy a used Steadicam Zephyr Kit in NYC or the greater NY area. Please let me know if you're selling or know anyone who is. Thank you!
  2. Thanks so much for all of the positive opinions on this. Follow up question - do people come from all over the world for these workshops, or is it mainly local? Would it make sense for me, a New York based operator, to go to the Gold workshop coming up at the end of March in San Diego? Or would those participants be mainly California based people? Should I just wait until September for the Silver workshop in Brooklyn to make more NYC contacts?
  3. As someone who does not yet own their own rig, but is looking to at some point, I would like to know if the Steadicam Workshops, either Silver or Gold, are worth the price and beneficial in the long run? Or should I save the couple thousand and put that toward my future rig? Thanks in advance!
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