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  1. Hi all, Looking for a 2" docking bracket, if anyone is selling one, let me know! Thank you! Horia
  2. oh, thank you so much for this picture, i now finally understand how the focus bracket works!
  3. Hello all! I am selling my ARRI artemis Spring Arm Pro Set – 50.7lb (23 kg) (K2.0010328). I am the second operator using it, arm bought in 2019 from Arri Demo and i've been using it since 2020. Cosmetic damage, but performs great! Asking price - £5500 but open for negotiation. Buyer pays shipping or pickup from London, UK. Comes in Satchler Soft-shell bag. IMG_1693.HEIC IMG_1694.HEIC IMG_1695.HEIC IMG_1692.HEIC IMG_1691.HEIC IMG_1698.HEIC IMG_1699.HEIC IMG_1700.HEIC IMG_1701.HEIC IMG_1702.HEIC IMG_1703.HEIC
  4. Hi Gus, Thank you for your reply. I have the swivel bracket and the rod mount but i cannot find the rods.. IMG_1697.HEIC Do we have the same top stage? Where did you get the rods from? Thank you!
  5. Hello! I'm trying to find a solution to mount a Starlite monitor on the Arri Artemis Top stage and use it as a low mode monitor, and can't find any rods with an M4 thread. Anyone with the Artemis sled that can point me into the right direction of where to look or already have a solution to recommend? Thank you!
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