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  1. Hello all!

    I am selling my ARRI artemis Spring Arm Pro Set – 50.7lb (23 kg) (K2.0010328).  I am the second operator using it, arm bought in 2019 from Arri Demo and i've been using it since 2020. Cosmetic damage, but performs great!

    Asking price - £5500 but open for negotiation. Buyer pays shipping or pickup from London, UK. 

    Comes in Satchler Soft-shell bag. 

    IMG_1693.HEIC IMG_1694.HEIC IMG_1695.HEIC IMG_1692.HEIC IMG_1691.HEIC IMG_1698.HEIC IMG_1699.HEIC IMG_1700.HEIC IMG_1701.HEIC IMG_1702.HEIC IMG_1703.HEIC

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