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  1. Hi, just having a little trouble figuring out how to become a Sustaining Member. I am wishing to sell some gear on the forum. Info would be much appreciated. Thanks, Brian
  2. Hi, For all the Trinity Steadicam Operators out there..... does anyone have any thoughts on using the Trinity in the rain? What parts need to be covered, not covered or any thoughts on how to protect the electronics. Covering the lower sled seems straight forward but mostly the problem of weather proofing the Trinity head. Thought or suggestions would be much appreciated. Brian Trinity Op in Vancouver, Canada.
  3. Anyone out there have a Pro arm fitting steel socket block for sale. I'm looking for a second one for my vehicle mounts. If you do please give me a call: Brian Rose 604-218-2884 Vancouver, BC, Canada. Thanks
  4. Howard, Thanks for the info!! I have contacted Steve Campanelli and he has invited me to take a look at the Hummingbird in Jan. If all goes well I might be contacting you directly. Do you have any in stock? Brian Rose
  5. Neal, That's what I've been hearing...only good things about the monitor. What video system did Howard have the monitor hooked up to? Was it a video camera or a film style video tap? Brian
  6. Thanks for the input...I have had oportunity to meet Mr.Campenelli and I will ask him what he thinks of the LCD monitor. Also, as I understand, the actual screen of the Blackbird and Hummingbird monitors is the same. How would the image be any different between the two? Brian
  7. A short time ago I had a Blackbird LCD monitor up in Vancouver for a demo. From all the great press that the monitor was getting, I was looking forward to testing it out. At first look the colours were off and the image wasn't handling the interior shadows and highligh on set. I then took the monitor to David Hable, an electronics specialist who works on steadicams in Vancouver and after performing a few test he seemed to think the monitor was defective. I returned the monitor to Guy at ZGC, who has been great and helpful, to see if there was something wrong with this particular monitor. After a few days he said that there seemed to be nothing wrong with the monitor that they could find. I'm not sure what to think. Has anyone else found the monitor to be less than satisfactory? Brian Rose IA669 steadi-op
  8. A few weeks ago I had a Blackbird monitor sent up to Vancouver, at the time I was working on a ABC show and we were using the ArriCam system. I have to say that my first look at the monitor did not produce a very good image. The colours were off and the picutre was very digitized particularly when the monitor was showing interior shadow and highlight areas. I took the monitor to David Habley, the Vancouver steadicam electronics wizard, he performed a few simple tests, for example the "5 step" grey bars and his opinion was that there was something wrong with the monitor. Ok, I happended to get a bad one. My problem is that after the monitor was returned and checked, Guy at ZGC said that there was nothing wrong. I'm not sure what to think since I tested the monitor on one of the best camera/video taps and had a professional run some tests. Any help out there with what to do? Am I too critial of the LCD monitor? Sincerely, Brian Rose IA669 steadi-op
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