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  1. I'm about to get a used rig from a friend, it's a Proline Raven sled and a Proline arm. I'm also getting a vest but was advised to get a new one as this piece was pretty worn. 

    I was thinking of investing in a Tiffen Exo Vest. It's an adjustable one size vest but wanted to know the smallest dimensions it can be. When talking with customer service, they're not sure about mixing Proline with Tiffen. 

    I've heard about the Universal socket block and how you can have one brand of an arm but a different branded vest. I'm not getting any information on whether Proline has this. 

    Anyone have any insight? Thanks guys!

  2. On 1/4/2021 at 4:41 PM, Twojay Dhillon said:

    Always great to see work from Guvvie.  Where do you see the potential break? 



    27 minutes ago, Tim Fabrizio said:

    Looks like to me the edit is right off the top when she gets out of the pool. Looks like low mode then changes to regular mode. This shot is nice because it tells the story without being a gratuitous Steadicam shot. Exactly what you want it in a Steadicam shot.

    Exactly what Tim said, once her dress covers up the frame I believe that's where they cut.

    I'm glad you both enjoy this shot as well! 

  3. 6 hours ago, Jeongwoo Noh said:

    Hi Laney,

    I was also looking for extension post for my Zephyr rig.

    Would you be able to share the website that you found the extension post for the arm?

    Also, the arm post seems to be locked in, not like how pro and G-70x where it can be slide out easily. Would you be able to share how you were able to take the post out from the arm?


    Jeongwoo, here's the link!  However, this was the only website I can find with extension posts. I'm not sure if this would fit nor work.

    I was told this rig was a Zephyr but with further inspection (and removing tape to reveal labels) I believe it's a heavily modified Frankenstein build meant to act similar to a Zephyr. I know for sure that the arm is a Glide Gear DNA 6001 though, and have found the arm post could be removed when unscrewed from the bottom. First two images are of the arm post I had originally and it's assembly. The last three are the makeshift arm rod extension I made. The adapter I mentioned I had to return to a friend. 

    Thankfully, the builds I've had were very medium weight and didn't feel like anything would bust.  If I felt incredibly unsafe with the build though I'd use gaff tape as a last minute measure. I'm sure there's safer alternatives but I'm just not sure where to go from here aside from buying actual arm posts or getting stronger rods or using my own tie downs/screws that I wouldn't already be using on my rig.

    Thank you both! 






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  4. This scene in total is about 4 minutes and I believe I can see a break between two shots that they edited into one. I was lucky to be in a Q & A with the actors where they said the steadicam op, Chris Haarhoff was given little direction especially at the point of the argument. I love this movie, and although the moves are simple they're very telling to the story! 

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  5. 5 hours ago, Tom Wills said:

    Hi Laney,

    I think arm posts are pretty crucial - I have a set of them from 6” all the way through 18” (though that long isn’t the safest thing, so I use it rarely!), and I switch them out shot to shot all the time, even though I’m 6’ 4”. It’s still useful to be able to get the camera super high (I’ve done shots at over 9 feet with a super post and the 18” arm post), and I also do a ton of work in low mode over tables, benches, and beds, which requires a long arm post armed out over obstacles. I’ve come to making my own arm posts, because I found that the arm posts I purchased from several different manufacturers didn’t hold up to my expectations.

    The big question is which arm you are using. Some arms, like the PRO arms, the G70, the Master and Ultra series, and even the 3A allow easy exchange of different lengths of arm posts. Other arms, like the G50, and some of the new arms on the market have less standard, less simple arm post designs, and may be limited in what they can have added on. Let me know, and I can help you pick out what may be the best option for you.

     Hi Tom, I have the Glide Gear's DNA 6002 Arm. I was able to use a 9mm aluminum threaded rods  (that I've stacked from time to time)  with an adapter 3/8" 1/4" so it can fit onto my gimbal. However, I wasn't sure which option was the safest. How were you able to create your own arm posts? Also would it be better to invest in real arm posts than my alternative?

    Thank you for this!

  6. Hi there! Fairly new to steadicam, I have a zephyr rig and the arm post I was given was around 4 inches / 2.54 cm. I'm 4'11" or 149cm and most of the projects I have been on the subjects have been at 5'6" at the shortest. For the most part, I was just lifting my rig and barely putting weight on my arm in order to get to their eye level which makes the arm sort of useless. I was told by a friend that I should get longer arm posts and have found only one website on it so far but I could be missing something. 

    Any tips on where I should start looking ? What's a good range of sizes for someone my stature? How I should go about traveling with several of these on me? I use a large pelican for the arm, vest, and dock while the sled I carry by itself. Thanks guys!

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