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  1. Hey guys, I've always wanted the freedom of something like the Arri Trinity or the MK-V stabilizers but at a more cost efficient price point. I was looking at the Letus35 Helix 1 axis gimbal but how do you guys feel about it? Does anyone have hands on experience with this equipment? I do some basic cinematography as well and having an option to go handheld for smaller jobs is a plus but my big question is still, how useful is this tool. Thanks again.
  2. Hey everyone, I recently finished the AbelCine Steadicam silver workshop and I plan on going to the 7 day workshop or gold workshop soon. Aside from joining the SOA, one thing that has been brought to my attention is mentorship. I could use a partnership with a seasoned professional to further my understand of a job on set and to build contacts within the community. If anyone is interested an taking on an assistant in the Los Angeles area I would love to come and help out on a gig. I'll attach my Steadicam reel below, if you would like an assistant or are willing to have me shadow you please reach out to me here or via email at Joshmasonmedia@gmail.com. Reel:
  3. Thank you I’ll check that one out. Those are some great monitors in general. I thought about getting one for my camera kit as well.
  4. Hey guys, I have a 7” Marshall monitor that came with my gear and after using it for a few years I’ve decided I need an upgrade. I’ve looked in to small hd, newer Marshall products, swit, etc.. I need something with 1500 + nits for shooting in daylight, and my budget is between $1500-$1800. In your experience what are some monitors I should check out?
  5. Gotcha, thanks. I did look at the Stanton zoom controller, I think that would be my preference. They tend to be pretty reliable.
  6. Hey guys, I’ve been on the hunt for a good zoom controller to add to my kit for fujinon and/or canon broadcast lenses. Does anyone have some insight as to what’s out there?
  7. So I recently put an 85mm on my rig and my footage was garbage. I halfway expected that because I haven’t been training with a lens that pushed in to a shot. And I instantly got on the forum to see what people were saying about how often they use 85mm and even up to 130mm lenses. I am now practicing with these shots because I care about getting as good as I can but my question for some of the more seasoned and pro operators is how often do you end up using a lens like these and how fast or slow do you tend to travel with this sort of shot? I would like to imitate and practice these shots for myself.
  8. Thanks Tom that does help for sure. I think the next time I practice I’m going to try to relax more as most of my shots I stiffened up in my hands and my tilt wasn’t something I chose to balance. Also I was supposed to walk super slow to get some shots with the lens and it just wasn’t working.
  9. So I’ve been practicing since April of 2019 and I have tried my techniques with my shot zoomed in but I haven’t mastered close shots yet. When I was using a RED with an 85mm mounted to my steadicam you could see every step I took and the control was damming. How often do Directors ask a steadicam operator to use anything above a 50mm? Also how long has it taken some of you to iron out those ruff spots like seeing steps or lacking control?
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