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  1. None currently but have been saving for some time and looking to get the most out of a rig so looking at all options to compare. I will definitely reach out!
  2. Hey guys, I’m looking to build out my first rig and I’ve seen a lot of bits of pieces on the differences between the zephyr and aero 30. To my knowledge, same vest and same arm but what so different about the sled that makes the price jump nearly $5,000? Thanks guys! Any input would help!
  3. Would anyone be able to tell me what an M1 Volt System costs? With the Volt artificial horizon. Thanks guys!
  4. Hey! I am looking into building my first system. I can definitely see the Exovest is the upgrade to the zephyr vest, I was just wondering if someone can explain to me how the Exovest is exactly better and how I can benefit from it. Thanks guys! Robert Aviles
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