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  1. Thanks guys, I thought the price may have been too good to be true. I think I'll invest in one once I do a week-long steadicam workshop. For now I might roll with a flycam easyrig set up just so I can perform better on handheld.
  2. Hey all, Would like some advice on if its this is a good starting point for me to learn to better operate a steadicam. https://www.proaim.com/products/flycam-zest-power-video-stabilizer-5-15kg?variant=29459026870351 My only experience so far is operating an artemis and trinity at a workshop near me in Brooklyn a while back. I'd like to get back into it and i need to consider overall weight of rig which i estimate to be 20-26lbs My Rig: Arri Alexa Classic Odyssey 7q+ as external recorder and monitor Rokinon Xeen CF 50mm Anton Bauer HC Dionic battery Thanks
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