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  1. I just got steadicam equipment insured through WP Dolle - I found it to be very convenient and affordable. I also needed to fit a tight timeline because I traveled to purchase the rig, and didn't want to ship it back to NY without insurance. They completely accommodated this need. You need to join SOA to get the steadicam insurance just FYI.
  2. Hello! I wanted to introduce myself to the forum and get connected. My name is Brandon Han - originally from Honolulu Hawaii, but landed about a year ago in Manhattan New York. For several years I managed a huge studio and rental house in Minneapolis, and then more recently worked here in New York with Scheimpflug ("Flug"). Along the way tons of G&E, photography, and lighting design work. About a year ago I decided to shift gears and pursue becoming a Steadicam Operator. This year 2020, I took the Tiffen Silver Workshop in February and the SOA workshop just this October. I also recently purchased a rig in Ohio - it's a modified Archer with G50x arm and LX vest. Did a few steadicam jobs in Hawaii this summer and practiced a ton.... now looking to dive in here in NYC where I can. So far the community has been incredibly helpful and the SOA workshop I just did was amazing with so many great instructors. Any questions about any of those workshops I can certainly share my experience. If anyone has any advice on where and how I might pursue getting a start here in the city I am all ears, and if any other new (or old) operators would like to connect for practice sessions, I can get us a space and equipment! Feel free to reach out. Looking forward to meeting more of you - Aloha! Brandon Han 808-726-4700 brandonmhan@gmail.com
  3. Are you still looking for a Zephyr? I think I know someone who is selling one in NYC. Let me know, I can reach out to them and check.
  4. I am curious to hear opinions on the Steadicam Archer - (not the Archer 2) I am looking to purchase my first serious rig and I am trying to determine if this one would be a good investment. It comes with the G50X arm and LX vest. Modifications would include HD wiring and 12/24v selector. My questions are: -is this rig still 'current' enough to start a career as a steadicam op with (in NYC)? -are there any known drawbacks or cons to the Archer rig? Or any notable pros or benefits? -any other considerations or thoughts on this rig in general? Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated. I am limited in what I can afford at this point, but I want to make sure I am investing in something that will allow me to create some momentum for myself, and that wont be a hinderance due to being old or outdated. Thank you in advance!
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