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  1. Hi Nelson, many thanks for the reply. I actually managed to source a decent monitor mod for the pilot via another member that posted here previously. I really need to find someone that could mod the cabling in the post, but no luck so far unfortunately.
  2. (NB: Hopefully posting this in the correct sub-forum) Is there anyone, UK based that would consider taking on the job of helping me to modify my SD pilot sled? I've seen so many others do the same thing and I'd love to get mine upgraded. I'm looking to (ideally) Run super thin HDMI cable down the post internally (as others have done) Replace/upgrade power wiring to allow me to place a d-tap splitter on the top stage (again as others have done) and replace vmount plate I have no interest in attempting this myself, however I am very willing to pay someone to do the job for me. Obviously will supply parts needed and pay for postage and work.
  3. Hey everyone, I recently purchased a barely used Steadicam Pilot with v-mount to get me started on the road to hopefully one-day, bigger things. I have a very basic question, the rig shipped without a v-lock battery as I think it had long since expired and i've been looking around for any info on what might make a good replacement battery for the sled. It is my understanding that originally it shipped with a IDX Endura-75 Li-ion which is now discontinued. Forgive my ignorance on this matter, I have very little experience when it comes to v-lock batteries so don't want to make a wrong purchase! Any help and or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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