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  1. Thank for your response, this is exactly the type of thing I was hoping to hear. I have heard that service department at GPI is a lot more responsive and provides quicker turnaround than Tiffen from other ops as well. I’ve also heard that the Pro arm out performs the G-70x arm, do you feel that way too as a GPI owner? You also mentioned the bells and whistles on the M-2, could you elaborate on that? Any M-2 owner’s reading this, I would love to hear your thoughts. Again, thank you so much!!
  2. Hello Everyone, I am a newer operator with a Zephyr system. I have been using it for about a year now, it has treated me well but it feels like time to upgrade. I currently plan to invest in either a GPI Pro set-up or a Steadicam M-2. I'm hoping to hear from folks with these rigs about why they love one or the other. Advice, suggestions, horror stories, or whatever are all welcome. I appreciate the feedback. Thank you!
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