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  1. Looking to buy an EXO VEST asap. Live in LA
  2. No , volt can't fit that size post. I'm selling my Used zephyr. ( after I put in 2 days this week. Full package vest arm sled extras and hard case for 5k. Located in LA. Text me if your interested! 3309574544
  3. @Jerry Holway good advice thank you sir.
  4. Hey everyone in the process of upgrading to an M2 w volt. And I'm trying to piece together a Used vest and an arm. First off pairing the G 50 arm with this be a good combination? It is not the X or upgraded version. And I can get it for 2300.. or since I'm already spending that much money would it be smart to just get a G 50 X or 70 or a old master arm or something.
  5. Hey everyone, Adam Grenley here new to the forum. I have a Zephyr looking to upgrade. Will probably go Tiffen, but just stumbled across this company. Their prices are pretty crazy cheap for a full kit. And the specs seem to be amazing. Has anyone had any experience with this company? https://www.steadyproline.com
  6. Did you ever find anything out about this or how these systems perform.
  7. Looking to upgrade ftom my Zephyr. Need a vest arm and sled. Open to anything.
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