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  1. price drop $1500 obo. not sure why I received a negative response. I'm kind of new and didn't mean to do anything wrong. If someone could message me and let me know the issue I'd appreciate it.
  2. Has some cosmetic scratches but works great. $1700 OBO IMG_0190.HEIC IMG_0191.HEIC IMG_0192.HEIC IMG_0193.HEIC IMG_0194.HEIC
  3. Newbie here...does this work with all pro donkey boxes? I have a db1
  4. would you sell the Hill docking bracket and ring separately?
  5. Pro Gimbal, usable and in good shape. Bearings will need to eventually be replaced. Asking $4000 USD OBO Email me at loganretherington@gmail.com IMG_2215.HEIC IMG_2216.HEIC IMG_2217.HEIC IMG_2218.HEIC
  6. Hi Everyone, I am new to steadicam, have flown a Pro Rig a number of times and just purchase one of my own. I bought the full kit from a long time operator and there a lot of things in it that I'm learning about, one being the Garfield mount. I finally figured out what it was and was curious as to how it is used/mounted. I own a truck and want to test it out. Any tips or references are greatly appreciated! Thank you, Logan
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