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  1. I recently went to Los Angeles to complete a 3 days steadicam workshop at the Abelcine. I wanted to share my experience with any new comers who is interested in taking 3 days (Silver) workshop. Please feel free to ask me questions from the video and I will share any information.
  2. Here is a video I did talking about my experience with steadicam training
  3. I keep in touch with them via email. They pushed the time from end of February to end of March. I would have been better if they gave a time and not keep on pushing it because it makes it hard for me to schedule other commitment. I wanted to see if that was a one time thing or if in average, it takes 2 months to purchase new part/gear from them.
  4. This is my first time purchasing a Steadicam Zephyr. I had made my order since the first day of February and still waiting for delivery (March 19). I wonder what has been your average waiting time for new Steadicam purchased from Tiffen?
  5. Where would be a good place to get a used zephyr? also, can the volt system work with it?
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