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  1. I’m selling a masters vest with custom pads. More comfortable than the ultra vest that my friend has. It’s comfort level can make you last way longer than an Ultra Vest
  2. Accidentally double posted since I didn't see my first post. How do i delete the duplicate post?
  3. I'm a short and relatively slim guy, hoping I can find some luck here with a WK Vest
  4. Hi, does anyone know where can I buy the Tiffen Ultra 2 base battery plate? I can't seem to find it online. Any leads would help, thanks!
  5. Want to see what's available in the market before I go with a new purchase
  6. Hi all, Steadi Noob here, what kind of batteries do you guys recommend? brand, capacity, weight wise? Thanks!
  7. Did a bit of quick searching, I believe they're called Spanner Screws or Snake Eyes screw bits https://www.tannerbolt.com/products/SECURITY PRODUCTS/SECURITY-INSTALLATION-REMOVAL-TOOLS/SECURITY-SPANNER-SECURITY-BITS-DRIVER-KITS.aspx https://www.amazon.ca/Eclipse-SD-2404-Spanner-Screwdriver-Set/dp/B005JVKO38 Correct me to hell if I'm wrong
  8. Hi, Newbie here, I'm currently looking for an arm right now and I've been doing a bit of research. Does anyone have any experience with the following arms? - FlowCine XArm - NB Stabiliser Arm - SmartSystem Arm X1 - AVDONIN A5 Arm Quite frankly I'm really looking towards the traditional G70(x) arm but they're not always available in the market, like hot singles in my area.. I'm willing to give these new arms in the market a try as beginner arms and eventually have them as back up arm. They're just super far from where I live and also no demos these days (Covid). The data is only as good as it's presented on their website and I can only find really limited resources and testimonials. Please let me know if anyone has any opinions about those arms. Thanks! (Leaning towards SmartSystem and NB)
  9. Looking for a used G70(x) arm (upgrade not necessary). Wondering if anyone's willing up part with or upgrading theirs. Thanks!
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